I've got nothing against love. But exaggerated declarations of love make me skeptical. With our low-key personalities, it's easy to skip Valentine's Day. 

Why We Skip Valentine’s Day

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I’ve got nothing against love. It’s a beautiful thing! But I’m not the flaunting type. I get uncomfortable with exaggerated declarations of love when a simple declaration evokes just as many butterflies. So it may or may not be a shocker to you why we skip Valentine’s Day. 

My distaste for Valentine’s Day could be traced back to middle and high school. Over the top candies, stuffed teddy bears, roses and balloon-filled hallways just waiting to suffer a break-up in a week and move on.

All the extravagant displays of love jabbed me because I never had a boyfriend through school. [I later found out they were all still afraid of me from 1st grade when I punched one boy for making fun of me wearing dresses every day…so much for Mennonite non-resistance!]

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Yep, I was jealous. Not of any girl, just jealous of love in general. Even if it was cheap, shallow love.

Girls are just wired like that I think. 

In fact, now that I think about it, the only fun Valentine’s Day through all my years of school was 1st grade. 

The teacher gave each of us a brown paper lunch bag to decorate. While we were decorating, she anchored a string to one end of the chalk board and stretched it across the front anchoring it to the other end. 

When we had finished our bags, we clipped them to the string with a clothes pin. Then when anyone would bring in Valentine’s for others in the class they would slip them into the bags unnoticed. 

By the end of the week every bag was sagging under the weight of 30 some valentine wishes. 

Sweet. Innocent. Pure fun. 

Why We Skip Valentine’s Day

My husband and I never dated over Valentine’s Day. Sure, we were headed thatI've got nothing against love. But exaggerated declarations of love make me skeptical. With our low-key personalities, it's easy to skip Valentine's Day.  direction but nothing was official. So no pressure there. 

Then we got married right before V day the next year. We were on our honeymoon still when it rolled around. Again, no pressure because nothing can beat a honeymoon! 

Actually, we acknowledged the day by eating Reese’s peanut butter hearts with our coffee for breakfast.  

In all honesty, February is a busy month for us already without throwing in a Hallmark holiday. Our anniversary, my birthday and several close family member’s birthdays all give plenty of reason for celebrating throughout the month. 

Both my husband and I are low-key so really, we don’t go all out for any special day…

The Best Part of Why We Skip Valentine’s Day

No pressure. 

We go out to eat somewhere “nice” when it works for our schedule and a babysitter. I’ll make a special pie or cake for coffee break-whenever. And my husband pops up with flowers or a special day out-whenever. 

When our son gets old enough to understand holidays and make them his own. Things will probably be completely different. 

But for now, this is how we do (skip) Valentine’s Day. Or just celebrate with a Reese’s…

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