Wellnesse Product Review

Wellnesse Product Review

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I’m so excited to finally be sharing my Wellnesse product review! I’ve been using the Wellnesse shampoo and conditioner for wavy or curly hair and the toothpaste for a month now.

As you may or may not know by now, I try to keep the products in my home as clean as possible. They are usually frugal options, too, that involve a lot of DIYing.

I make my own deodorant, I make my own lotion, I make my own laundry soap and foaming hand soap, too. But one thing I’ve never made nor wanted to make is shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste.

But before I jump into my Wellnesse product review, a little history…

Wellnesse Product Review of Shampoo, Conditioner & Toothpaste

Shampoo & Conditioner I’ve Used in the Past

To preface my journey know these two things:

  • I have really long, wiry, wavy hair.
  • I only wash twice a week and sometimes only once.

My hair is long and wiry. It’s not fine or flowy. It’s just frizzy and poofy.

Because I already don’t care for the texture of my hair, I go to extreme ends to keep it under control. (Without paying for expensive salon care.)

I’ve tried the pay-through-your-nose Wen products that didn’t do a thing for me. Just made my hair gross.

And speaking of gross…

I’ve tried the no-poo method. But because I don’t like harsh products, I didn’t use dry shampoo at all.

Yep, I went for about a month with greaseball-ness du jour. It was too much. And I’m sure my friends were glad when I finally shampooed.

Then there was that time I washed my hair with baking soda water and rinsed with raw apple cider vinegar. I loved how it made my hair feel at first. But as time went on, the baking soda started drying out my hair. And I started looking grayer and grayer. My husband was a bit concerned!

The raw apple cider vinegar left my hair feeling wonderful. (I’ve used it as conditioner on and off before this as well.) But I couldn’t hack the smell. Once your hair dries, the smell goes away. I’m fine with that. But I sweat. A lot. And when I would sweat or get hot without sweating, the smell would ooze out and I couldn’t take it.

People around me said they couldn’t smell it, but it was too much for me.

I’ve also tried the middle of the road cheaper organic and all natural shampoo and conditioner products. The results weren’t as horrible as Wen, but they were bad enough to drive me back to my trusty old Pantene.

Toothpaste I’ve Used in the Past

Ever since my mom started her health journey when I was 12, I’ve used natural, fluoride-free toothpaste.

I always bought it, too, switching brands depending on what was available in our small town.

Many natural-minded people say, “Oh, I just use baking soda to brush with.” Yeah, tried that once and the gagging that ensued was enough to make me want to go a week without brushing rather than have to use it again.

I even tried baking soda based toothpastes that have better flavoring and texture and I’d still gag from the baking soda.

The main thing that bothered me about these natural toothpastes I was using was the glycerin. But I would much rather take the glycerin over the fluoride, so I didn’t hunt any further.

Wellnesse Product Review Pros and Cons

Wellnesse Product Review

Several months ago, a favorite writer and DIYer of mine, Katie of Wellness Mama, announced she was releasing shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste!

I was elated. I use many of her recipes already, so I knew I wanted to try her first products.

But, of course, being the frugal person I am, I finished up my Pantene products and tube of Jason before ordering.

Wellnesse products are EWG certified safe!

I do not have before and after photos because there was no difference in looks. The main differences for me are the feel of my teeth and the feel of my hair.

I had no major issues I was wanting to correct.

Wellnesse Shampoo & Conditioner Product review for wavy or curly hair.

Wellnesse Shampoo & Conditioner Review

There are two types of shampoo and conditioner: for all hair types and for wavy or curly hair.

Because I’ve been told by several hair stylists that I’d benefit from using some “for curly hair” products I ordered the curly hair option.


  • The shampoo foams and lathers just like regular shampoo.
  • It smells wonderful, but not overpowering.
  • Safe ingredients! I love that I can rub and massage it into my scalp and not worry about how much nastiness is being absorbed by my skin.
  • My greasy-after-four-days-of-not-washing hair came out fresh and clean with just one application.
  • The conditioner made my wiry, frizzy hair tame! I was shocked. A day after I washed, my hair felt like I’d used the flat iron on it.
  • It comes in sugarcane, biodegradable plastic containers.
  • You can set up auto-ship! I love this available feature because it saves me some money but then I never run out. Something important for a product I can’t get off a store shelf.
  • It is affordable. Disclaimer: The price of this shampoo and conditioner are not to be compared with the .99 Suave. These are affordable in the realm of safe, clean, natural body care products.
My long hair feels amazing with Wellnesse Shampoo & Conditioner!


The shampoo is really runny so the first time I squirted some out, I got way too much. Now I store my bottle upside down so that I can control how much I get.

I store my Wellnesse Shampoo upside down so it doesn't run out of the bottle too fast.

The conditioner does not feel smooth and silky when you apply it. I used it the first time and kept adding more and more trying to get that silky feel. It didn’t happen. But when my hair dried, it felt amazing!

Now that I know the conditioner doesn’t feel the way conventional conditioner does, I use my usual amount and get the great result after my hair dries.

The scent doesn’t linger. I know, artificial scents are horrible for our bodies, but after coming off of Pantene, I miss the lingering clean scent just a little bit.

I just have to remind myself that clean doesn’t have a smell. Whether on your body or in your house.

Wellnesse whitening Toothpaste not only cleans your teeth but rebuilds them and whitens them.

Wellnesse Toothpaste Review

Wellnesse toothpaste comes in one flavor: mint. For me, the toothpaste has been the most difficult adjustment.


  • It not only cleans your teeth, but it also rebuilds them.
  • Kid safe! I love that I don’t have to worry about my kid swallowing it. Sure, I try teaching him how to spit, but he’s two. So swallowing is first instinct.
  • The mint flavor is strong and lasting.
  • It is affordable. Disclaimer: As I mentioned with the shampoo and conditioner, this is not to be compared with .99 bargain bin toothpaste. This is in comparison to other natural toothpastes I’ve been using.
  • The tube is made from sugarcane and is biodegradable.
  • You can set up auto-ship! I love this available feature because it saves me some money but then I never run out. Something important for a product I can’t get off a store shelf.
  • It has a flip-top lid for easy use and no screw-on lid to drop on the floor.
  • It leaves my teeth feeling clean and not slimy. My mouth stays fresh for hours.
  • There are ingredients included to help with whitening.


Wellnesse toothpaste doesn’t foam up like other toothpastes do. It does foam some, just not near as much as conventional toothpastes. This was my hardest adjustment to get over. But now that I’ve been using it for a month, I’m used to its consistency.

The mint flavor is quite strong for kids. My two year old does great with it but I only use a teeny tiny bit on his brush.

I don’t see a whitening difference. But I’ve used all kinds of toothpastes that say “whitening” on their label and I’ve seen no difference.

Wellnesse Product Review Final Thoughts

After a month of using all three of these products, I’m blown away! I’m loving my hair and my teeth feel and look great.

These products are effective, safe and affordable. And they are great for the whole family. I’ve been looking for years for products like these and am so glad to have finally found them.

Thank you, Katie, for your endless testing and revisions and work to share your Wellnesse products with the us.

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