Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring on a Budget

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring on a Budget

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Spring fever hits and you just want to completely re-decorate your home. But that kind of home makeover is not in the budget! Check out some of these ways to refresh your home for spring without busting the budget. 

The first way to refresh your home for spring is to do a simple (or intense) spring cleaning. Choose a few things that you’ve ignored for the entire year or longer and clean them. If you need some ideas, check out my free spring cleaning checklist! 

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring on a Budget

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring on a Budget

House Plants

Buying new houseplants can be pretty expensive. Look at the house plants you already have and see if any need splitting. 

My aloe vera plant needs to be split up at least once a year and my African violet about every other year. I give all the extra little sides starts to friends. Normally, I just give them away in a disposable cup or an old sour cream container. If I give them as gifts, I pot them nicely. 

For vining plants such as ivys, pothos, spider plants, lipstick plant and others, just snip off a vine or two and place the cut end in a jar of water. Let it sit in the windowsill for several weeks until it grows roots. Then plant it. 

The great thing about starts is they are free! Keep your eye out at friends’ houses, church or even the hospital waiting room. Always ask permission first to snip a start! Wrap the cut end in a damp paper towel and take it home. 

Instead of buying a super expensive, fancy pot for your new plants, but a cheap one or use a large sour cream container. Go to the thrift store and pick up a cute basket that it fits inside. Voila! Pretty planter. 

House Plants for Decoration

I have a toddler so I don’t keep plants down at his level anymore. I mostly have trailing plants so two are sitting on top of my kitchen cupboards and one is on top of my china hutch. I also have a few other plants positioned around my house. 

Rearranging plants and sprucing them up can add to the decor or your home no matter what theme you have (or don’t have). 

Hang Curtains

If you have a sewing machine, keep your eye out for clearance fabric. Or check the thrift store for fabric pieces. Sew up some curtains or valances and spruce up any space. 

At my Wal Mart, I check the clearance section for marked down curtain pieces. Often I find just one panel marked way down – even cheaper than the fabric markdowns. A large panel is enough to sew two smaller curtains out of. 

Also, keep in mind that  valences (half curtains for windows) will be cheaper if you want to buy something new without spending a ton of money. 

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Wash Curtains

If you already have curtains, washing them makes the colors pop again. It’s amazing how dusty they can get! And just looking at them you can’t notice the dust, but the wash water will tell. 

New Throw Pillows

Throw pillows add just the right pop of color and warmth to a room. Consider buying some new pillows or  pillow covers

If you have a sewing machine, try your hand at making your own! Again, hit up the clearance section for fabric scraps. Or check the clearance section for marked down sheets to use as fabric.


Rearranging furniture kills two birds with one stone – you get some extra cleaning in plus it gives your home a refreshed look. 

Not only rearrange your furniture, but consider swapping out some wall hangings, moving lamps and changing out throw blankets. 

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Get Rid of Clutter

Clearing out clutter not only makes your house look better but it makes you feel better, too! Put as much away in drawers and cupboards to clear up surfaces. 

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Essential Oils

Diffuse essential oils to freshen each room. Put a few drops of essential oils on your dryer balls. Dry your curtains with essential oils. 

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Wash Throw Rugs 

Or if you rely on the laundromat, just drape them outside in the sunshine for a couple hours. The fresh air will make them smell wonderful and the sun will kill some of the cooties that have found a home in them. 

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Open Windows 

Open a window in each room for at least 10 minutes a day. Even if it’s hot and muggy outside. Even if it’s 30 below. The fresh air will make the room smell better and lift your spirits. 

I like to open the windows while I’m making beds and tidying up. Or in the bathroom, I open a window while I have the vent fan on. This helps with the showering humidity and pulls fresh air into the house. 

Make a New Playlist 

New season, new playlist. Switch up your cleaning or relaxing playlist. Trade out your CDs or find a new radio station. Add a new station to your Pandora account. Maybe even try a new genre of music! Something to switch up your routine and brain a bit. 

Giving your home a spring refresh doesn’t have to bust your budget. Pick a few simple things that you know you can manage and afford. Implement those strategies for an easy refresh in your home. 

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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring on a Budget

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  1. These are some great ideas! My spring cleaning plans for last month went by the wayside after I caught a nasty chest cold, but I’m definitely ready for a refresh. And I was JUST thinking about sewing some new covers for my pillows. I usually buy something from the Goodwill Outlet and repurpose it since this is always a lot cheaper than buying fabric.

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