8 Ways to Reduce Lower Back Pain

The summer I was 12 years old something awful happened in my back while unloading a wagon rack of hay bales. Since then I have struggled with chronic lower back pain.

Our solution was to go to a chiropractor. Through the rest of middle and high school, monthly – weekly when needed – adjustments kept my lower back pain manageable. 

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My [Mostly] Natural Personal Care Routine

My Natural Personal Care Routine

Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to go around being dirty and smelly all the time because every personal care product will harm you in some way. 

If you are comfortable living like that then I admire you for your choice!

I admit, there are times when I let my personal hygiene take a back seat. Like that summer I lived in Vermont and worked on a dairy farm. As long as I cleaned up good once a week I felt accomplished since the shower was grosser than the manure I walked through.

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Honoring the Practical Mother in Your Life: 7 Non-Clutter Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! For me, this day has always meant honoring my mother as I was not a mother until now. (Expecting mother.) Whether you are in the same boat as me or Mommy Pro, I’d like to share with you a few ways to honor the mother in your life. (Or drop hints to help your hubby and kids make your day special!) 

Mother’s Day celebrations come in all different styles. For some it is a night on the town: a fancy dinner, dancing and a romantic moonlit walk. Now I’m not bashing this celebration at all. It sounds great! But in rural Wisconsin the fanciest dining we get is a resort supper club with an attached, crowded, rowdy bar. 

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Prenatal Care for a Healthy Pregnancy and Natural Delivery

Making a baby seems easy-peasy, right? The birds and the bees have long flown over and procreation is on your mind. It’s on my mind anyways! With the birds and the bees comes the more daunting task of prenatal care. 

Procreating and child rearing is the most important job for a woman, but sadly, is rarely viewed as such. When you are pregnant you have some control how your baby develops by what you eat, how you sleep and how you manage stress. These three areas must be considered long before you conceive even.

[Please don’t tune me out if you are already pregnant or already have your children, there is still much to learn. Its never too late to be nourished!]
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