How I Made My Preemie’s NICU Stay More Natural

Nobody wishes for a NICU stay for their baby. But if that's the cards you are dealt, learn a few ways to make your preemie have a more natural NICU stay.

I’m healthy. I had a healthy pregnancy. I’ve never had high blood pressure.

Until my 34th week of pregnancy when my world was turned upside down with eclampsia. 

My carefully planned home birth with a midwife went out the window as I was being air lifted to the nearest hospital with a neonatal intensive care unit.

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8 Ways to Reduce Lower Back Pain

The summer I was 12 years old something awful happened in my back while unloading a wagon rack of hay bales. Since then I have struggled with chronic lower back pain.

Our solution was to go to a chiropractor. Through the rest of middle and high school, monthly – weekly when needed – adjustments kept my lower back pain manageable. 

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