I love imagining the kitchen of my dreams. Check out some of these old fashioned kitchen Christmas gifts that I've got my eye on this year. 

Old Fashioned Kitchen Christmas Gifts for Any Homemaker

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I love imagining the kitchen of my dreams. Especially around Christmas time! Yes, I have a well-stocked kitchen already, but I’m always looking for ways to improve. And by improve, I may mean going more old fashioned. Check out some of these old fashioned kitchen Christmas gifts that I already have or that I’ve got my eye on this year. 

If the homemaker in your life already has all the kitchen gadgets she wants, no worries! Hop on over to my list of consumable Christmas gifts or check out my list of experiences to give this Christmas. 

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I love imagining the kitchen of my dreams. Check out some of these old fashioned kitchen Christmas gifts that I've got my eye on this year. 

Old Fashioned Kitchen Christmas Gifts for Any Homemaker

Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Stirrer 

If you’re like me, you try to avoid most vegetable and hydrogenated oils in food. For me, peanut butter is one of the hardest foods to switch to “natural” to avoid these oils. The main reason is because I’m lazy. Too lazy to stir it and make the mess. 

Natural peanut butters are usually just peanuts (or almonds for almond butter) and salt so there isn’t any perfectly smooth blending that happens with added oils. So the butter separates: rock hard on the bottom and oil on the top. 

One tip I heard years ago was to store your natural nut butters upside down to make stirring easier. But still, stirring can be quite messy. I’d love to give one of these peanut butter stirrers a try! Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Stirrer

Canning Jar Hand Coffee Grinder

I love my fresh ground coffee. Yep, I’m a coffee snob! (Anyone seen City Slickers? Ha!)

But when I want coffee early in the morning before the house is awake, I have to hide in the pantry and pray the noisy grinder doesn’t wake others. 

My husband and I both drool over those old fashioned cast iron wall-mount coffee grinders. But they are pricey if you do find one. 

So I found this mason jar grinder and think it would be the perfect old fashioned kitchen Christmas gift for any homemaker. Canning Jar Coffee Grinder

Marble Mortar and Pestle

I have a mortar and pestle and I don’t use it a ton. To be honest, it was a splurge buy on a girls’ day out. I had been dreaming of and looking at them for a couple years. Mostly, I love they way it looks. 

In reality, I don’t use it daily so I’d call it a frivolous kitchen gadget. But when I do use it, I’m so grateful that I have it. I mostly use it for herbs. Since I have a garden, I bring in a lot of fresh herbs and dry some down. A mortar and pestle is great for breaking down herbs before cooking with them. Marble Mortar and Pestles

Vintage Style Nut Grinder

Growing up, we had a nut grinder similar to this one. Grinding nuts was the perfect job for us kids because it didn’t involve knives. 

And I think all kids are infatuated with with buttons, handles and cranks!Vintage-Style Nut Grinder



Hand Crafted Cherry Noodle Cutter

I have a noodle maker that I don’t use that often because I’m lazy. The set up and clean-up is more than I want to deal with when making fresh noodles. So I end up cutting the noodles into squares with my pizza cutter. 

But this noodle cutting rolling pin looks amazing! What an easy way to add quick, homemade noodles to your soup or hot dish! Handcrafted Cherry Noodle Cutter

Stainless Steel Egg Beater

I’ve had my fair share of egg beaters. I have such a high casualty rate with my egg beaters because I buy the cheap ones. They end up flying apart in my hands (and usually cutting a finger or two as they fly apart) while I’m using them. 

A good quality egg beater like this can replace an electric hand mixer. You can use this not only for eggs, but for thin batter like pancakes, meringue, whipping cream, smoothies (no ice) and much more! Stainless Steel Egg Beater

Vegetable Spiralizer

Rather than spending extra grocery money on the pre-spiralized veggies from the store, invest once in this spiralizer and spiral til your heart’s content. Professional Vegetable Spiralizer

Non-Aerosol Oil or Vinegar Mister

One of my pet peeves in the kitchen is having to grease bread pans with butter. But I’m too cheap to buy the spray cans of oil from the store. And up until a couple years ago, those spray cans only had junk oil in them. If you do buy the spray cans of oil, the healthiest I’ve seen is avocado oil. 

With one of these misters you can refill it with whatever kind of oil you prefer! You cut down on cost and waste. Not only can you use it to grease pans but you can also perfectly spritz your salad, fries or popcorn with it! Non-Aerosol Mister

Cast Iron Cookware

I love my cast iron. But it does have a steep learning curve if you’re only accustomed to other cookware. And you have to be prepared to use lots of fat when cooking with it. 

Start with a pan or two to see how it fits into your kitchen flow. Cast Iron Gift Set: 10" Skillet, Crock & Trivet

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Nesting Stainless Steel Bowl Set with Lids

These bowls are amazing for lunches or leftovers. They are kid friendly so they won’t break like glass leftover bowls. 

Keep in mind that the bowl will last forever so be kind to the lid. I choose not to put my plastic lids in the dishwasher because it seems to make them brittle and crack. Nesting Bowl Set

Traditional Maple Rolling Pin

A rolling pin is not only and essential kitchen tool, but also a play tool. Even if you don’t make pies and biscuits with it, you can use it to crush crackers, cornflakes and breadcrumbs. Or threaten strangers at the door. 

Kids love using the rolling pin to help make sugar cookies or any other food. Give it to them to use with their play-doh, too!12" Traditional Maple Rolling Pins

Lamb’s Wool Dust Mop

This lamb’s wool dust mop is the handiest tool for dusting walls and ceilings. Sure, it’s good for the floor, too, but that’s a given. 

The naturally occurring lanolin in the wool attracts dust to it and holds it better than other rags or fake feathers. 

Just read the reviews below it and decide for yourself. Lamb's Wool Wedge Mop

Oil Lamp

An oil lamp just adds beauty to any kitchen or dining room. Yes, they are glass, filled with oil and delicate so this may be a decorative piece. But a functional decoration. Use it as a centerpiece for a special meal you serve. And of course, in the case of a power outage, light ‘er up! 

I prefer oil lamps with a broader base like this one pictured because it’s more difficult to knock over on accident. For a more rustic look, go for the lantern look. I personally have both styles on display in my kitchen. 

Dietz Jupiter Hurricane Oil Lantern Just be sure to read the owner’s manual ahead of time and have them fueled and wicked so you aren’t rushed to do it in the dark. 

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In a world of so much surplus, it’s hard to give meaningful gifts at Christmas time. I hope you find something special and practical for the homemaker in your life from this list of old fashioned kitchen Christmas gifts! 

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I love imagining the kitchen of my dreams. Check out some of these old fashioned kitchen Christmas gifts that I've got my eye on this year. 



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