Newly expecting? New mom? Use this list of ideas for healthy and practical baby things to put on your natural baby registry

Natural Baby Registry Ideas for a Traditional Mom

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Are you going to be a new mom? Or a new mom again? Figuring out what to put on your registry that will be safe, healthy and practical can be challenging. Use this list of natural baby registry ideas to discover what to register for. 

Everyone wants to give their baby the best start in life. But how do you know where to start? 

Buying “natural,” “organic” and plastic-free baby items can get expensive. If people are going to buy you gifts anyway, though, make sure to register for the things you want, not just the things you can afford. 

Find the Happy Medium on Your Natural Baby Registry

Along with the thing you want on your baby registry, also register for a second choice that’s not so expensive. 

For instance – the safest, most chemical free, prettiest, most functional stroller and carseat set might be $700. Go ahead and put that one on the registry! [Sometimes your friends and family will chip in together to buy one big gift.] But then find one that you’d be happy with in the more normal range of $100-$300. 

A crib mattress was my other big cost. Chemical-free (specifically flame retardant chemicals I was avoiding) crib mattresses that I was looking at were sooo expensive. 

My alternative was this crib cover that protects the baby from off-gassing and is affordable! 


Choose Natural Fibers on Your Baby Registry

So many baby clothes and blankets are polyester. Ugh. I don’t like polyester simply for the fact that all my hair and lint sticks to it! It is super staticky and gets pilly as it ages. 

Look for cotton and/or wool. These natural fibers are much gentler on your baby and will lessen the risk of static shock. 

Cotton sheets, blankets, clothing and especially pajamas are all affordable. Sure, you’ll get cute polyester pajamas at your shower. I just put those in the back of my son’s drawer in case of emergency. But my son just wears cotton pajamas with  a onesie underneath if it’s winter. 


More importantly, natural fibers aren’t treated with flame retardants. Yep, your precious little child could be wearing flame retardant chemicals right on their skin! Natural fibers are not treated because they don’t burn as quickly as artificial fibers. 

Look for “wear snug fitting” or “not flame retardant” on the tag to confirm it is free of these chemicals. 

Take it a step further and register for organic cotton clothing for your baby. I got the most adorable Burt’s Bees organic pajamas for my son’s shower! 

Natural Baby Registry Ideas for a Traditional Mom


Hello nursing and pumping!

Lanolin is a natural moisturizer and soother for cracked and sore nipples. Expensive, yes. But more than worth it! And one tube really lasts a while. 

With lanolin, I never had to wipe my nipples before pumping or nursing my little guy because I knew lanolin was safe for him. 

What actually is lanolin? Lanolin is a very waxy grease-like substance from the wool of sheep. It is to protect the sheep from getting wet when in the rain. 

P.S. It is also great for chapped lips and hands!

Diaper Changing Pad and Sheets

A changing table really isn’t necessary. I just use a dresser and have my changing pad on top. I have two sheets so that I can have one on while washing the other. 

Crib Sheets

Your baby will spend a lot of time in their crib! Be sure to register for cotton and
organic sheets. 

I have three and usually this is plenty. The only time I’m scrambling to wash them is when my son is sick and puking. 

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Burp Cloths

If you have ladies in your social circle who love to sew, these are usually the best burp cloths. Otherwise, my favorite to use are the birds eye weave cloth diapers. They are large and super absorbable. 


My little guy was a preemie so there was no way I was going to bed share with him. I was so sleep deprived that when I slept, I was out!
Having my baby nearby though was reassuring. I could easily hear when he spit up and could get things cleaned up right away. 

It was also nice to have him sleep or lay in it in the main area of the house while I was working.

Again, look for ones without flame retardants.  

Car Seat Strap Covers

I didn’t even know what these things were until my friend gave them to me for my shower. Life. Changer. 

My poor little guy’s neck was saved from the cutting edge of the straps and I didn’t have to jerk and tug his shirt up around his neck anymore.

Otherwise, a cotton sock with the toe cut off would slip on the strap nicely and be natural fibers. 

Stroller Carseat Combo

I live in the country and spend a lot of time outside and on walks. Having a carseat that clicks right into the stroller was wonderful! 

Now that my son is bigger, I just strap him into the stroller. 

Bonus: Register for a running stroller! I’m not a runner, but the larger wheels, single wheel in front and air in the tires make such a nice ride and push. I mainly got a running stroller because we live on a gravel road. I’d read a lot of reviews for them being the best style on gravel. I got this BabyTrend combo. No, it’s not chemical-free in any way, but it was affordable. And I knew that my baby wasn’t going to be sleeping face down in it. 

Cloth Diapers

I spent a ton of time researching cloth diapers before my son came. I was able to register for what I wanted and not be stuck with a huge start-up cost. 

Once my son came and I actually started using cloth diapers, I was able to buy more of what I needed. In the end, I only spent $175 out of pocket on my cloth diapering start-up. A grand alternative to spending (the average) $550 in the first year alone on disposables! 

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil might seem like an odd item for natural baby registry ideas. But I use it for all my baby’s skin needs. Plus, it is an acceptable lotion for cloth diapers. Many conventional creams and lotions will ruin the absorbency of cloth diapers. 

I mix in a couple drops of lavender essential oil and use this on his face, his bum and as a total body lotion. 

The great thing is that he can stick his finger in the jar and eat it and I’m not worried. Or he can lick his entire hand after I lotion him up! 

I also make Wellness Mama’s body butter recipe for a more vigorous, natural moisturizer.

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Bone Broth

Really? On a baby registry? 


Your body has just grown a human for nine months and you gave it the best care you could. You need to take care of your body during this stressful, tiring newborn stage because your tiny human is more demanding now. And you need to rebuild your body by supporting your muscles, tendons and skin.  

Bone broth will help with milk supply and keep you healthy so you can care for your newborn. 

Making it is the last thing you need to make time for. This Kettle and Fire brand is the best you can buy. Or if someone will make you a weekly batch, even better! 

Liquid Collagen

Don’t enjoy sipping straight up bone broth? Liquid collagen is the nourishing component of bone broth. You only have to take a tablespoon in the morning and one and night and you’re good to go. Put this on your registry because this will rebuild your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. Think: pelvic floor! 

There are a ton more things you can register for, but these were highest on my list. 

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As the nurse was packing up our baby we were fretting to her that we had nothing ready. She said, “All you need is diapers and clothes. You’ll be fine.” 

And we were. 

Natural Baby Registry Ideas for a Traditional Mom

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Newly expecting? New mom? Use this list of ideas for healthy and practical baby things to put on your natural baby registry

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