Honoring the Practical Mother in Your Life: 7 Non-Clutter Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! For me, this day has always meant honoring my mother as I was not a mother until now. (Expecting mother.) Whether you are in the same boat as me or Mommy Pro, I’d like to share with you a few ways to honor the mother in your life. (Or drop hints to help your hubby and kids make your day special!) 

Mother’s Day celebrations come in all different styles. For some it is a night on the town: a fancy dinner, dancing and a romantic moonlit walk. Now I’m not bashing this celebration at all. It sounds great! But in rural Wisconsin the fanciest dining we get is a resort supper club with an attached, crowded, rowdy bar. 

Sometimes celebrations are just as memorable from the privacy of your own home. And more affordable! Take time to consider incorporating some of these down-to-earth options into your day. 

  • Landscaping Flowers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           – Whether it’s hanging baskets or flowers to plant in a flower bed, this gift can brighten a mother’s day every day all summer. Perennials are also beautiful this time of year so once the bloom has faded, plant the bulb. 
  • Foot Soak During Her Favorite Movie

     – Not only is soaking your feet relaxing but it totes along some health benefits, too! The bottoms of your feet have every nerve ending in your body. What a great way to boost every system! And the bottom of your feet have the largest pores on your body so they can quickly absorb or flush for the rest of your body. 

    • For an Epsom salt soak, mix a few drops of essential oil in with 1/2 a cup of salts before dumping them into the dishpan of warm water. Your body absorbs the essential oil and magnesium from the Epsom salts which can help ease muscle aches and cramps and replenish your magnesium level. 
    • Raw apple cider vinegar soaks are beneficial for pulling out impurities. It is especially helpful for surface or bone bruising. It sure won’t smell pretty, but because this soak pulls rather than absorbs, you won’t smell a thing once you dry off your feet. 
  • Coupon Booklet

    – I know! This sounds so childish but it really is a thoughtful gift! You don’t even have to get creative; you could just do a booklet of 10 coupons for the same service. Your husband can make a coupon book himself or he can have the kids join in. There is some way for each age group to bless the mother in service. Some examples:

    • Back rubNeed some new ideas for Mother's Day gifts? Here are a few gifts and experiences any practical mother will enjoy. traditionalhomemaker.com
    • Foot rub
    • Clean the house
    • Do the dishes 
    • Do the laundry for a day/week
    • Mow the lawn
    • Draw your portrait (unless you’re an artist, this would be for kids!)
    • Make breakfast (or for the kids, a simple snack)
  • Plan a Picnic

    – Picnics are a fun way to spend quality couple/family time! And because they are a lot of work, if the honored lady is simply taken on a picnic that has every little detail all planned out (including unpacking and cleanup) you can make her day. If the weather is dumpy, spread a blanket on your living room floor and enjoy your picnic inside. 

  • Dinner Out/Order Out

    – It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Any meal you save the honored lady from shopping for, cooking and cleaning up will be a blessing. If you order out food to your home, use disposable dishes and remember a beverage. 

  • Flowers

    – Any kind of flowers can brighten a mother’s day! In the case of a broken green thumb, opt for fresh cut flowers. For the cheapest option, go for a woodsy walk or scan the roadside ditches for flowers or flowering trees. Be sure to include a pretty piece of grass or decorative leaves. Perhaps only a toddler can get by with dandelions… If you aren’t feeling adventurous, grocery stores usually carry an affordable variety of bouquets. Grab a bunch and arrange them at home in your own vase or mason jar. Tie a ribbon and a special note around it and you have the florist look without the florist cost! 

  • Scavenger Hunt

    – Cut some colored paper up into fun shapes and have the children (and husband) write encouraging, loving notes or draw pictures to their mother. Have them hide every note in a place they know their mother will go: bathroom drawer, kitchen drawer, car dash, refrigerator, dresser drawer. Each time the honored mother finds a note or picture she will be reminded of how much she is loved. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving depending on how well you hide the notes. 

  • Ice Cream Bar

    Need some new ideas for Mother's Day gifts? Here are a few gifts and experiences any practical mother will enjoy. traditionalhomemaker.com– A few days before Mother’s Day, gather all the ingredients  that would make a delicious ice cream sundae or banana split. Pull out the fancy dessert dishes and set up a mini ice cream parlor for your mother. If you are really ambitious you can make your own sauces, too. Maple syrup makes a simple, delicious topping! Dish up her ice cream to order and deliver! 


These 7 ideas are just a start to how you can celebrate this Mother’s Day. Whatever you end up doing, enjoy the time together. And if your mother is too far away to celebrate with in person, be sure to call and tell her how you appreciate her influence in your life. 

How will you be celebrating this Mother’s Day?


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