How to Be a Joyful Homemaker

How to Be a Joyful Homemaker

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Being at home all the time by yourself or with littles can get wearing. If you find yourself getting bogged down with your homemaking role, implement a couple of these tips for how to be a joyful homemaker. 

Even before I had a child, I struggled some days with my attitude and getting motivated to do my homemaking tasks. 

Mostly this was during the winter months when sunshine was limited and I wasn’t outside as much. 

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Why Homemaking Is Important 

Sometimes being a joyful homemaker was simply an attitude adjustment for me. I needed to dig into the Bible, list some things I was grateful for or just put on some music to work to. 

But sometimes being joyful requires a chemical and hormone boost like laughing provides. 

Try a few of these methods for how to be a joyful homemaker for yourself. 

How to Be a Joyful Homemaker

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Prepare for your day the night before

I like to get up early so I have to go to bed earlier. [This may not always be possible, I understand.] My evenings end no later than 8:30 when I crawl into bed. 

Thankfully, I don’t have pressure to stay up later because my husband is usually in bed before me since he has to get up at 4:15am. 

Pack lunches. Prepare oatmeal. Lay out clothes. Jot down reminders and notes. All these things can help your morning go smoother keeping you calmer and not frazzling your kids and/or husband. 

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Homemaking Skills for the Modern Housewife

Begin your day the right way 

I love getting up before my son so that I have a little bit of time all for myself. I can read my Bible and journal if I want. This time fills me up and gives me a mental boost for my day. 


Also, by getting up before my son, I feel like I have a head start on the day. I have a few moments when I don’t have to mentally check in on him.


My coffee doesn’t get cold!

Practice gratitude

Part of my Bible reading and journaling is listing things I’m grateful for. No matter how dire I think my situation is, there is always something I can be grateful for. 

I don’t mean to minimize anyone’s trial. But even in our trials there is something each of us can be grateful for. 

Whether I write it down or just ruminate on it all day, I keep it in my mind and heart. 

For an excellent read on gratitude, read or listen to Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts

Admit the struggle is real

If you are going through a difficult time right now, being full of joy may seem impossible. 

Admit to yourself what you are struggling with. Write down a few details of your trial. Add a few lines of how you feel about it. Acknowledge it. Throw away the piece of paper. 

Take a new piece of paper and write down what you are grateful for. Even something as simple as your fingernails! Keep this paper in plain view all day and keep adding to it. 

Listen to some music 

Turn on your favorite playlist or put in your go-to CD. Sing along and let the words and music fill you up. 

How to Be a Joyful Homemaker

Don’t try to do all the things

When I was first adjusting to having a child, my husband would ask me what I had planned for the day. I would list off four or five things I wanted to get done that day. 

Then the end of the day would come and I would feel so defeated because I only got one or two things done on my list. 

To avoid this defeat and discouragement, I now only put one thing on my list most days (in addition to my regular, daily chores). 

Now my sense of accomplishment and my attitude are so much better when my husband comes home. He chuckled and said, “You finally figured it out.” 

It’s not that those other things don’t need to be done anymore. It’s just that they aren’t super urgent so I get to them when I can. 

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You Are a Capable Homemaker 

Find something to laugh about

One of the quickest ways to lift my spirits is to sit on the floor and play a game of catch with my son and his tennis ball. His antics are hilarious and I find my stress melting a bit as I smile and laugh along with him. 

Find a comedian on Sirius while you are driving. Download a podcast of your favorite comedy show. If the average 40-year old only laughs four times a day compared to a child who laughs 300 times a day, we have a lot of laughing to catch up on!


Get outside

Let the sunshine hit your eyeballs. Feel the breeze. Walk in the grass barefooted. Or just step out on your patio. Being outside can lift your spirits and boost your attitude. 

Even getting soaked in the rain and splashing through puddles can renew your mindset!



While you are outside get some exercise. Sprint for 30 seconds. Do 30 jumping jacks. Walk to the end of your block. 

According to TIME magazine:

“Exercise triggers the release of chemicals in the brain—serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphins, dopamine—that dull pain, lighten mood and relieve stress.” 

You don’t have to be athletic, or have cool exercise clothes or shower afterwards even. Just get moving!

So when you are getting bogged down in your homemaking routine, take some time to implement one or all of these tips for boosting your mind and body. 

  • Prepare what you can the night before. 
  • Begin your day right.
  • Practice gratitude. 
  • Admit the struggle is real.
  • Put on some tunes. 
  • Don’t try to do all the things. 
  • Laugh a little. 
  • Get outside. 
  • Move!

Don’t be miserable in your homemaking. Learn how to be a joyful homemaker with these simple steps. 

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How to Be a Joyful Homemaker

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