It is not up to you to nag your husband to eat his vegetables. But you can still keep your man healthy when you honor your husband with your cooking. 

Honor Your Husband with Your Cooking

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“The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” may be truer than you think! After a long day of work what man can’t be won over by a good home-cooked meal or baked goodies. 

On the other hand, you are not your husband’s mother. It is not up to you to nag and force him to eat his vegetables and clean his plate. He is a grown man and in need of his freedoms. But you can still keep your man healthy and thriving when you honor your husband with your cooking. 

Honor Your Husband or Father or Father Figure

It is not up to you to nag your husband to eat his vegetables. But you can still keep your man healthy when you honor your husband with your cooking. I’ve shared before about honoring your husband with your homemaking. But I caught myself taking on a nagging mothering role about eating healthier. So I decided to break this homemaking topic down further into food specifically. 

Mostly for myself. But hopefully you can glean something of value as well.

You may not have a husband, or perhaps you’ve lost the one you had due to death or separation. That just means you honor the father in your life. Or a prominent male figure in your kids’ lives. Or even the neighbor next door. 

I’ve met only one guy in my 32 years of life who couldn’t be fluffed up a bit with a plate of cookies or a loaf of bread. So chances are pretty good that you can show appreciation through food, as well. 



Honor Your Husband with Healthy Cooking

This is the area I struggle with most so I’m going to tackle it first. 

I’m a total health nut, healthy food cook to the hilt. Actually, I’ve toned down a bit in the past 10 years. But that doesn’t mean that I still don’t think about it a lot. I love to try new, weird foods and foreign restaurants are great adventure.

My husband eats corn, green beans, potatoes, bread and meat. And dessert.

At first I was determined to squeeze in and hide veggies into every food imaginable toIt is not up to you to nag your husband to eat his vegetables. But you can still keep your man healthy when you honor your husband with your cooking.  make them healthier for him. 

Yeah, that didn’t always work. And it just made him more suspicious of my cooking and irritated at meal time. 

So instead, I decided to make what he does eat healthier in itself.

I make all our own bread. He’s not a big fan of my 100% fresh ground whole wheat bread or my sour dough bread. 

I make him half and half. I start out with a bunch of fresh ground wheat and then top off the recipe with unbromated, unbleached white flour. It still has the texture and flavor of white bread but with that much more nutritional punch. 

He loves his pancakes. But pancakes don’t keep a grown man filled very long. Before combining the liquids, I mix into the flour some collagen for extra protein and amino acids in his breakfast. 

To help with missing greens and fruits, I mix some baobab powder in with Airborne for missing vitamins in his diet. 

There are tons of other creative ways I make foods healthier for my husband, but that’s just a few. And he doesn’t notice!

If your husband is an adventurous eater, by all means cook that for him! Take the time to cook meals at home from scratch to get the greatest nutrition into your husband. 

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Honor Your Husband with His Favorites

There are a few recipes that my husband loves…and I don’t enjoy making. Usually they are recipes that take extra time, extra planning ahead and extra ingredients that I don’t normally have on hand.

If I’m not careful, my attitude about my husband’s favorite dishes turns sour. 

One of his favorites is Rolled-up Kielke (noodles) with Schmaundt Fat (cream gravy) from “Mennonite Girls Can Cook.” I have to buy the special sausage it calls for, make sure I have sour cream on hand and plan ahead to make the noodles from scratch. 

It is dee-lish! But time intensive. 

Honor Your Husband with Special Treats

Thankfully my husband doesn’t go overboard on sweets. 

But I do. So I make the goodies and freeze what we don’t eat or share with others. 

It is not up to you to nag your husband to eat his vegetables. But you can still keep your man healthy when you honor your husband with your cooking. I try to bake his favorite cookie or cake now and then to surprise him. Snickerdoodles are his favorite. He likes them the best fresh, but they are delicious out of the freezer, too. 

I love to bake up something he likes, brew some coffee and meet the guys in the shop or the field with coffee break. It’s a nice surprise for them and fun for me!

He loves his ice cream. So I make sure to keep homemade ice cream with a few toppings on hand most of the time for an easy dessert. 

Special treats don’t have to be sweets, either. One of my husband’s favorite meals is boxed macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. 

It’s not the healthiest meal, but I don’t care. The few times we have it, we fully enjoy it and my husband is thrilled. 



Honor Your Husband with Adventurous Meals

Is your husband the adventurous kind? Surprise him with a foreign meal some night. Or prepare a specialty food you have never tried before. Just light candles and put a table cloth on. 

Switch up routine. Make breakfast for supper. Have a supper completely of appetizers. 

You can also make the setting adventurous. Pack a picnic and go to the park for supper. Or eat the picnic on a blanket in your living room!

Make a campfire and cook supper over it. You can even plan ahead and enjoy some hot chocolate around the fire for dessert. 

Another way to honor your husband is to show up at his work with lunch. Pack everything you need and enjoy lunch at a nearby park or in his vehicle. 

If he doesn’t have time to escape for lunch with you or if you have three kids who can’t crash his office space, just bring him a special coffee or smoothie. Just something simple and sweet to let him know you are thinking of him at work. 

The most adventure my husband wants with meals is in the chopper or combine. I pack our suppers and ride along with him while we eat. If our little guy is with, we just talk while I hold him. If I leave our boy with grandma, I bring a book along to read aloud after supper. The last book we read aloud was “Anything But Simple” by written by our neighbor!

You Already Know How to Honor Your Husband

Honoring your husband with the way you cook may sound daunting. 

It doesn’t have to be. Just perk up your ears more and take note of little ways you can let your man know he’s special to you. You already know many things that he enjoys or makes him happy. Just kick it up a notch and surprise him with those same things out of the ordinary. 

You will soon discover how easy it is to honor your husband with your cooking. 

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