Who doesn't want to be better at their job? At homemaking? To excel rather than just survive. Use these four habits to make you a better homemaker today!

4 Habits to Make You a Better Homemaker

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Who doesn’t want to be better at their job!? To excel at it and enjoy it instead of just arriving to go through the motions. Try implementing these four habits to make you a better homemaker!

When I was single, it usually didn’t matter how crabby I was or tired or lazy. I was the only one I had to look out for! All I had to do was show up to work, fumble through the day and go home and eat bonbons on the couch while watching “Sound of Music.” 

But now that I have a family looking to me to have clean clothes for them, food to eat and a clean house to come home to, it’s a whole new world. 

Others are depending on me. 

My child wholly depends on me. 

That means I have to show up ready for my job. That means that I had to start taking better care of myself so that I can show up for my job.

And be in a better mood.

And not be so tired.

Who doesn't want to be better at their job? At homemaking? To excel rather than just survive. Use these four habits to make you a better homemaker today!

I didn’t learn these habits to make you a better homemaker overnight. 

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This transition was not easy for me! As a night owl, I was used to staying out or up all night knowing I would do the bare minimum the next day. 

If I was crabby, I could keep talking to a minimal at work and just do my thing. 

I would plan my day around a three or four hour nap. 

And my then-boyfriend-now-husband would tease me about having lemon drops and cold bacon for breakfast and three Skittles for lunch because I didn’t take time for healthier foods. 

Then I got Married.

And had a kid. 

Wow! I had to show up for this 24 hours a day seven days a week job no matter what. 

I couldn’t call in sick. Or do laundry only when I felt like it. Or expect my husband to live off of lemon drops, cold bacon and Skittles. 

My attitude and approach to the day started setting the tone for our home. It set my patience level with my son and my husband. It motivated me for the repetitive tasks that lay ahead for the day. 

I quickly learned that I needed to take better care of myself if I was going to be a dependable wife, mother and homemaker!  

Four Habits to Make You a Better Homemaker

1. Better Sleep

Getting better sleep will set your day up for success from the start! If you are not well rested, even the smallest annoyance can send you over the top. Or break you down in tears. 

You won’t be at your best physically and your brain may be foggy with exhaustion.

I know, with littles and life and sickness, a good night’s sleep isn’t always possible. But if you make it a priority and set yourself up for it, when you can sleep, it will be quality. 

Some habits to consider for improving your sleep quality:

  • No caffeine or sugary drinks after 3pm [Or whatever time you know your body can handle]
  • Aim for 8 hours of sleep
  • No cell phones in the bedroom
  • Take magnesium right before bed or use magnesium oil on your feet
  • Wear blue-blockers after 7pm

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2. Better Mindset

Take a few minutes the first thing in the morning with your cup of coffee or tea to jot down a few lines in a journal. This can help relieve worries on your mind, express goals for the day or your dreams. 

Include at least one thing you are grateful for in your journaling, as well. This can help you focus on the good and not your struggles right now. 

If you are a Christian, spend time in prayer and/or reading the Bible. It may seem futile or you may be be able to only last a few minutes or a few lines. But God can use even a few lines to speak to your heart and bolster your mind. 

Some habits to consider for better mindset:

  • Journaling
  • Gratitude
  • Prayer
  • Bible reading

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3. Better Movement

If you have toddlers to chase all over, movement isn’t something you have to consciously think about doing!

But maybe you have to make an effort to move outside. Getting outside and playing, reading, swinging or swimming are great ways to soak up beneficial sunshine, listen to nature and expose yourself to millions of new bacteria.  

Or just play a game of Twister!

If your kids are older or you don’t have kids around, make an effort to go for a walk, hang laundry outside or garden.

Better movement doesn’t mean you have to start a rigorous exercise routine. Just moving your body in different ways, in different settings each day can reset your brain and let your body know it can’t just go into auto pilot and deteriorate.  

Some habits to consider for better movement: 

  • Hang laundry outside
  • Play on the floor with your kids
  • Go for a walk
  • Climb a tree
  • Garden

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4. Better Gut

What does your gut have to do with habits to make you a better homemaker!? 

Good question. 

If your gut is unhappy, you won’t feel well and/or you’ll be spending your days mapping out the nearest bathroom. 

An unhappy gut is inconvenient. 

Not only that, you’ll probably feel awful and just want to rest all day. Or not interact with your kids. Or not be your best you. 

Some habits to consider for a better gut:

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Changing your habits can be difficult. But once you see how your improved self has a positive affect on those around you and how well your day goes, you won’t look back. Pick one habit and master it for a week or two, then add another until you’ve improved in these four areas of your life.

Better yet, check out this FREE guide with habit trackers to make you a better homemaker!

Use these four habits to make you a better homemaker today! 


Who doesn't want to be better at their job? At homemaking? To excel rather than just survive. Use these four habits to make you a better homemaker today!
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