Graduation Gift Guide: Healthy & Practical Gift Ideas

Graduation Gift Guide: Healthy Practical Gift Ideas

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Are you looking for that perfect gift for the graduate in your life? I’ve put together a graduation gift guide for you with a natural, healthy bend to it! 

When I graduated high school I didn’t receive these kinds of gifts. But I did find myself buying them or wishing for them along the way.

With dorm living, it is especially important to give gifts the won’t break code and won’t take up too much space. 

Healthy, Practical Graduation Gift Guide

1. Subscription for Bone Broth –  This could be one of those gifts that just gets in the wayGraduation Gift Guide: Healthy and Practical Gift Ideas if you don’t know your grad very well. Be sure to check with him or her or the parents to find out if their child will actually drink broth. Bone broth is a nutrient packed super food that will keep the graduate healthy and strong (hello, sports!). This will help them perform their best.

I recommend Kettle and Fire because of their pure ingredients and cooking process. And yes, you can even purchase a monthly subscription! Never forget to send out a box. The subscription even offers a discounted price! 

So how is a student supposed to consume broth in a dorm room? That brings me to my next gift suggestion.


2. Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle – This is a smaller electric kettle with automatic shut-off. Since microwaving the broth will alter its nutrient components, the graduate can heat up broth in this kettle. Add some salt and/or pepper and sip like a hot beverage! Delicious! Another thing I like about this style electric kettle is its ease of cleaning. There aren’t a bunch of nooks and crannies to clean up after heating broth in it. For the tea, coffee and hot chocolate drinker you will want to buy them a separate electric kettle so that the broth flavor doesn’t carry over. Unless the grad has impeccable housekeeping habits and can use the same kettle for both drinks and broth. 

3. Hot Water DrinksTea, coffee and hot chocolate are great drinks to have on hand. College kids are usually poor. Hot drinks offer a fun, affordable way to host friends! 


4. Pour Over Travel Mug – A travel mug like this is a quick way for your graduate to grab a healthy cup of coffee or even tea. For dorm gatherings you can gift a set of pour over mugs like this! Using the electric tea kettle, the grad can easily serve up individual coffee and tea. 


5. Cod Liver Oil – Making sure your grad continues taking cod liver oil after leaving home is important for ensuring teeth health and overall well-being. Read here to find out why I recommend Green Pasture products. Buy the capsules so that the student doesn’t have to worry about messy syringes or refrigeration. 

6. Bath Towel Set – This is a gift that I remember my mom always buying for graduates. Towels are one of those things easily overlooked. But let me tell you, they sure are important for dorm life! Try to find extra large towels, also. The bigger the better when students are walking through the halls…  

7. Battery Operated Alarm Clock – Again, this may sound like a piddly gift. When outlet space is limited it is so handy to have a battery operated alarm clock. In my dorm life experience we had our bunks stacked three high. Yeah, the top girl had a hard time reaching an outlet! Another great thing about a battery operated alarm clock is that your grad doesn’t have to sleep with their cell phone right next to their head.  

8. Popcorn Popper – Popcorn is another affordable and healthy way to host a crowd. When I was in college I loved making popcorn for a late night hall snack. Using an air popper is much healthier than microwave popcorn and you can make it in large quantities. Don’t forget to include popcorn! Remember to gift the graduate a large bowl for making the popcorn. This bowl can double as a dishpan for washing dishes, as well! 

9. Probiotic & Antioxidant Supplement – Probiotics is another one of those things where you have to know your graduate pretty well to know if they will actually take them. With drastic changes in food and lifestyle, college life can be a stressor on the GI tract. Probiotics  can help maintain gut health and regularity. This is especially important if the grad is leaving a home where traditionally fermented foods were consumed regularly providing regular sources of probiotics. 


10. DefenderPad® – I have the DefenderPad® for my lap top at home. It is a black, rubber-like board that goes under a lap top. It is a bit grippy, too, so that the computer does not slide around. This pad offers some EMF protection while you have a computer in your lap. I like it because it creates a wider base for my lap top and makes it easier to work from a recliner!

11. Tool Box – I can not tell you how much I used everything in the fully furnished tool box I received as a graduation gift. From what I remember it had a hammer, screw driver, pliers, 3M strips, picture hanging nails, a utility knife, duct tape and probably a few more things I’ve forgotten. And I still have this tool box 13 years later! For convenience’ sake you can buy a girl’s or guy’s tool kit already assembled. Having tools and supplies to help others out makes quick friends!


12. Sewing Kit – A sewing kit is handy and compact to gift to male and female graduates. They can sew on a button, fix a hole or use the needle to dig a sliver out! 


So don’t dread graduation season. Have fun shopping from my graduation gift guide or use it to spark some of your own creativity! Yes, I know, money is always a great graduation gift, but a personal, thoughtful, practical gift gives the graduate a story and memories. 

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Healthy & Practical Graduation Gift Guide

Looking for that perfect gift for the graduate in your life? I've put together a graduation gift guide for you with a natural, healthy bend to it! 

Graduation Gift Guide: Healthy & Practical Gift Ideas
Graduation Gift Guide: Healthy & Practical Gift Ideas
Graduation Gift Guide: Healthy & Practical Gift Ideas
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