Do you love all things toxin free? You need to experiment with everyday uses for essential oils!

Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

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Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Do you love all things natural and toxin free? Then you need to experiment with essential oils! I’d love to share with you my everyday uses for essential oils and the different ways I experiment with them.

Before I jump into all they ways I use essential oils, there are a few basics I should cover. 

I’m not a professional anything. These uses and recommendations are simply my own experiences. If you have any health questions or concerns about everyday uses for essential oils, you will have to talk to your healthcare provider. 

Quality of Essential Oils

I’m sure there are several high quality essential oil companies out there. I Do you love all things toxin free? You need to experiment with everyday uses for essential oils!personally use Young Living brand. I was first introduced to essential oils in the late ’90s when Young Living was the only mainstream brand. Their quality is outstanding and I trust what the company stands for. 

Cheaper versions of essential oils are often made with additives and fillers or are not a quality I would trust putting on my skin or ingesting.

I use Young Living essential oils but don’t make a business of it. 

Storing Products Containing Essential Oils

It is important to store essential oils in non-porous containers. This means either stainless steel or glass. That’s it.

Essential oils are strong enough to break down plastic. You don’t want to be adding more plastic than necessary to your daily routines. 

Re-use old baby food jars for diluting straight essential oils. Put your lotions, creams and deodorant in little jelly jars . You can even buy a set of glass storage containers for all your concoctions. Just don’t let the oils be in direct contact with plastic. 

Ingesting Essential Oils

There are mixed concerns about ingesting essential oils. I don’t do it for medicinal purposes (like filling a capsule with it). I just ingest them as flavor enhancers in regular food. 

Unless you are certain of your essential oil’s quality, I would not ingest it. 

Everyday Uses for Essential Oils Safety

Essential oils are like medicine. They must be used carefully and in the right way. 

Different essential oils have the different strengths of medicinal qualities. You must take extra care when using essential oils around infants and pregnant or nursing mothers. Dr. Eric Zielinski is great resource for essential oil safety and use. 

Now on to the good stuff!

14 Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

DeodorantI’ve mentioned before that I love Heather from MommyPotamus’ homemade deodorant recipe. It only takes three ingredients and then I add my own choice of essential oil. Because frankincense is so good for breast tissue health I add a couple drops to every recipe of deodorant. You can add rose or geranium for a more feminine scent or cedar wood for the men in your house. 

Do you love all things toxin free? You need to experiment with everyday uses for essential oils!Diaper Cream – Since I use cloth diapers on my little guy I am very limited on what creams I can use on his bum. Specifically, petroleum based products will build up in the fibers and cause repelling of liquids. I make my own simple, natural diaper cream with coconut oil (naturally antibacterial and anti fungal) and a few drops of lavender. I choose lavender because it is one of the mildest essential oils and very soothing for the skin. 

Baby Lotion – Actually, I use the exact same container of coconut oil and lavender for lotion-ing up my baby after bath time! I always have clean fingers dipping into the jar so I use it freely on my little guy’s face and tush (and myself!). 

Face Serum – I’ve been using argan oil on my face for quite a while. Recently I amped up my moisturizing routine with this facial serum recipe from Kori at The Farmhouse Life. I scale back the recipe for my own use and put it in essential oil bottles that I’ve emptied and cleaned up. I use a roller ball top to apply it and then gently rub it in. The frankincense and lavender combo are delightful! Otherwise grab a couple new bottles and roller tops to store your serum in. 

Singing Canary – Have you heard of Trim Healthy Mama? I don’t follow this way of eating strictly, but I love their healthy drink concoctions! One of my favorites is the singing canary. This lemon drink gets an extra flavor and health boost from a few drops of lemon essential oil. Otherwise you can just add a few drops of lemon or grapefruit to your glass or stainless water bottle. 

Body Lotion – I’m still in love with Katie’s body butter recipe from Wellness Mama. You can add all sorts of oils and combinations for scenting your lotion. 

Chocolate/Candies – Yes, please! I love making peppermint patties for a Christmas candy. The peppermint essential oils in the baking section at the store are full of who-knows-what. So I just use a few drops of pure peppermint oil to flavor my whole recipe of patties. 

Epsom Salt Bath – At the end of a long day or week there is no better way to relax than an Epsom salt bath or foot soak. Simply stir a few drops of your chosen oil into the salt. Then add the combination to the hot water. Combining the oils and salt first helps the oils mix better in the water. 

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Cleaning – Who doesn’t like the fresh, clean scent of lemon!? Or Thieves? I make my own cleaning solution out of water and vinegar. Then I throw in a few drops of lemon, Thieves, lavender or whatever I fancy. 

Foaming Hand Soap – I make my own foaming hand soap with Dr. Bronner’s unscented soap, distilled water and lemon essential oil. 

Laundry SoapI make my own laundry soap and can choose any essential oils to add for boosted cleaning power and better smell. 

Dryer Balls – I don’t use dryer sheets in an effort to avoid artificial scents. Instead I have wool dryer balls to keep static under control. Just put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on them and dry your clothes! 

Insect Bites – For any kind of insect bite that is swollen and itchy, apply some diluted lavender oil. It will help reduce the histamines causing the itchy reaction. 

Diffuser – And my favorite way to use essential oils is in my diffuser. During cold and flu season, I always have Thieves running with a splash of lemon. If you’ve got crazy kids, diffuse some calming oils in their bedroom. Around the holidays you can diffuse cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Have fun experimenting!

Really, the possibilities are endless when it comes to everyday uses for essential oils. Use them in your beauty care, your laundry routine and for cleaning. If you are comfortable with your source of essential oils, you can even add them to your food and drink! 

If you have any questions about ordering your Young Living essential oils, just give a holler!



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