Need a simple, affordable health hack? Coconut oil is beneficial both inside and outside the body. Discover how its everyday uses can benefit you! 

21 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil

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To be honest, I hate coconut oil. The smell and taste are enough to make me gag. Even all the tanning lotions and sprays at the beach turn my stomach! But I know how beneficial it is for my health so I choose to find convenient, everyday uses for coconut oil in my life. 

Coconut Oil that Doesn’t Stink

You might be thinking, “Why doesn’t she just get the coconut oil that doesn’t stink then?” 

I buy mine from Tropical Traditions because their quality is top-notch and I believe in their company. 

On this page they provide a helpful chart for the health benefits provided in each level of coconut oil. The type that doesn’t smell or taste has been the most processed. 

Over the years I’ve made myself get used to coconut oil, so I continue to use the highest quality I can get and just ignore the taste and smell now. 

What Makes Coconut Oil Different from Other Healthy Fats? 

Coconut oil is mostly comprised of medium chain triglycerides. This medium chain fat is different from other saturated fats in that it is super available to the body for fuel. It doesn’t require a lot of digestion and becomes available to the body much quicker than other fats.  

The brain especially likes coconut oil because it breaks down into ketones: healthy, effective fuel for the brain. 

Check out Tropical Traditions for your coconut oil!

Take Care of Your Drains!

With all the praises of coconut oil, your house plumbing and city sewage systemNeed a simple, affordable health hack? Coconut oil is beneficial both inside and outside the body. Discover how its everyday uses can benefit you!  get forgotten. 

Coconut oil is a saturated fat and will harden below 76°. Therefore it will harden quickly in your drains and plumbing

I do not use coconut oil where it will go directly down the drain. Some people use it as a shaving cream. Nope. Not me. 

Some people put it in their bath water. Nope. Not me. 

All the ways I use it I make sure it has time to soak into my skin or hair so that it isn’t washing down any drain. 

Treat it just like you would meat grease. Put it in the trash can or compost bucket


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If you don’t want to risk a mess, pour it in a tin can, sour cream container or other container you are throwing out anyways. Let it harden and then throw it away.

No, this means you can’t recycle that one container. I’d rather not recycle that one container than put my drains at risk. 

My Most Preferred Way to Consume Coconut Oil 

This may sound horrible to many people, but I make my own coconut oil “pills” and just swallow them. I melt the oil and pour it into little molds. The oil hardens in the fridge or freezer and then I pop out the pills into a container. I keep the container in the fridge so they keep their shape. 

This the easiest way to consistently get this powerhouse food into my diet.  Need a simple, affordable health hack? Coconut oil is beneficial both inside and outside the body. Discover how its everyday uses can benefit you! 

If you love coconut oil, you can do what my brother does. He pours the oil into ice cube trays (half full)  and freezes them. He pops one in his mouth and sucks on it like candy!

You really could make it like candy for your kids. Just add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil, like peppermint. I would recommend keeping these cubes in the fridge instead of the freezer so that they aren’t too cold in your children’s mouths. 

Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil in Your Kitchen

1. Baking

Any time a recipe calls for butter, feel free to substitute coconut oil. Or even if a recipe calls for liquid oil, melt coconut oil and use it! This is especially helpful if you are trying to accommodate a dairy allergy.

2. Cooking

This is when I get grossed out. When coconut oil is heated the smell comes out more so I don’t use it a ton in stovetop cooking. But it can complement vegetables and chicken very nicely.  

3. Pan Frying  

Coconut oil has the same smoke point as butter. That means it’s great for stir fry, sautéing and fried eggs. Stay away from deep frying with it, though. 

4. Cutting Boards

My husband got me two beautiful, handmade, wooden cutting boards a couple years ago for my birthday. 

Part of keeping them beautiful is oiling them. Coconut oil is what I use to care for my cutting boards because it is stable at room temperature and won’t go rancid. Need a simple, affordable health hack? Coconut oil is beneficial both inside and outside the body. Discover how its everyday uses can benefit you! 

5. Oatmeal 

Do you have oatmeal for breakfast? Just put a dollop of coconut oil in your bowl and enjoy the subtle sweetness and rounded flavor. This will boost your metabolism and your mental clarity.

6. Coffee 

Hello, bulletproof coffee!

Instead of dairy based creamers you can add a bit of coconut oil to your cup of coffee to make it smooth. Just make sure to stir it often! The oil floating on top will trap the heat in and not allow your coffee to cool as quickly. 

7. Tea 

Not a coffee drinker? Stir it into your tea!

8. Frappuccino

Even though I don’t care for the smell or taste of coconut oil, this is my favorite way to enjoy it in my coffee. I put a tablespoon of oil with my coffee in the blender. This froths it up beautifully and somehow makes the smell and taste more enjoyable for me. 

9. Mental Health Supplement

Over the past decade I’ve done a lot of reading about the mental clarity that comes with consuming coconut oil. I’d read about its use in treating Alzheimer’s patients and other instances of brain damage. But all that reading didn’t sink in until I met someone in person who’s brain greatly benefited from coconut oil: Need a simple, affordable health hack? Coconut oil is beneficial both inside and outside the body. Discover how its everyday uses can benefit you! 

A couple years ago I sat down across the table from a middle aged gal at a church gathering. I didn’t know who she was but we introduced ourselves and the next thing I know we are deep into her story of being a stroke survivor. 

Her brain was so compromised after her episodes and hospitalization that she couldn’t be left home alone. 

All of her short-term memory was gone and most of her long-term. Her and her husband began researching ways to help themselves because the doctors could offer no more answers or help. 

In their research they came across coconut oil! This gal immediately began eating coconut oil and as her body got used to it she kept upping her dose. 

As of two years ago (when I met her) she was working part-time and functioning normally! Although she didn’t feel safe enough to drive herself yet. 

Otherwise, this gal does great as long as she keeps consuming her usual dose of coconut oil! 

10. Weight Loss Supplement

I have visited with several people who have used coconut oil to help lose weight. They took a tablespoon of coconut oil a 1/2 hour before each meal. Check out this article for more information

Essentially it boosts metabolism and promotes a feeling of satiation.

11. Popcorn

Do you have dairy allergies in the house? Or just want a different flavor on your popcorn? Melt some coconut oil and drizzle over top just like you would butter. 

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12. Chocolate 

Um, yes! Make your own melt-in-your-mouth, silky chocolate at home! There are lots of recipes out there but give this one a try. I love this because the chocolate flavor blends well with the coconut flavor. 

Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil in Your Personal Care

12. Toothpaste

You can make your own simple, healthy toothpaste at home!

13. Facial Cleanser

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but coconut oil has antibacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties in it! Just rub a small amount on your face and wipe off with a warm wash cloth. 

14. Makeup Remover 

See #13

15. Oil Pulling 

Although it isn’t fully supported by mainstream medicine, oil pulling has provided great oral and general health benefits. It is a form of detoxification that not only benefits your teeth and gums but also helps the rest of your body

Do not swallow the oil when you are done! Spit it out in the trash or in your waste oil container as I mentioned above. 

16. Lotion 

You can use this straight out of the jar as lotion. Or you can melt it and let it semi-harden. Then whip it in your mixer and it becomes a beautiful body butter. 

I add in a few more ingredients and make my own body lotion from Wellness Mama’s recipe

17. Diaper Cream

I put some coconut oil in a half pint jar and stir in a couple drops of lavender for my baby’s bottom. This is cloth-diaper approved, too!

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18. Baby Lotion 

I use the same jar of diaper cream for his lotion. I don’t double dip my fingers from his bottom so the jar stays clean. 

19. Hair Treatment

After I get out of the shower, I rub a pea-sized blob of coconut oil between my hands to melt it and scrunch it into the ends of my hair. This helps with dryness and protects my hair. 

20. Sunscreen 

Coconut oil has an SPF of 4 to 5. I use this as a non-toxic sunscreen – especially on my baby! This means he can be in the sun for 40 to 50 minutes without burning. 

I know that isn’t a ton of sun exposure time compared to commercial sunscreens, but I’d rather re-apply than put all those nasty chemicals on my baby’s skin. 

I just carry a snap-lid container of oil in my diaper bag at all times. 

Normally I don’t wear sunscreen. Since learning about coconut oil’s protective properties I use it. 

21. Deoderant

Last  but not least, this is my favorite way to use coconut oil! I use the recipe from Mommy Potamus for my own deodorant. 

I am a sweat-er. All. the. time. Sweat-er. Commercial deodorants would work for a couple weeks until my body adjusted, then I’d have to switch brands. 

Natural deodorants never worked for me. [I think I’d rather smell my BO than what those natural ones did to me.] 

So I finally tried making my own and three years later I still love it. And my body has not “gotten used to it!” 

The best part is – I can start stinking and re-apply without showering. The antibacterial properties of the coconut oil stop my stink in its tracks. This deodorant isn’t like other natural ones that require a clean pit at application to be effective. 

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Do you love coconut oil? Hate it? Wanna go buy some? Let me know what your everyday uses for coconut oil are!


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