Refresh your menu with these easy summer recipes for the family

Easy Summer Recipes for the Family

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Don’t spend your summer stuck in a cooking rut! Grab some of these recipes to mix up your main courses, cook outs, snacks and desserts. These easy summer recipes for the family are made with real foods and won’t heat up the kitchen with a seven hour simmer. 

And get your kids involved! Some of these recipes they can make by themselves after some supervision. 

Take a little time up front and print these recipes off for your favorite recipes binder!

Easy Summer Recipes for the Family: Main Course

Creamy Red Beet Salad

Make the day before so the eggs have time to cool and the flavors time to mix.





Cook outs and carry-ins can leave you scratching your head with what dish to bring. Give my delicious creamy cucumber salad recipe a try! 

Creamy Cucumber Salad

Best made the day before but delicious still made the day of. 





How to Make Homemade PizzaPizza

Make this pizza in 45 minutes! Or have dough frozen and make in 25 minutes.





Ranch dressing should be its own food group. Except Hidden Valley has too many hidden ingredients so I choose to make homemade ranch dressing and dip!Ranch Dressing and Dip

Make once a week and always have it on hand.





This breakfast quiche recipe is an easy, delicious way to put a filling meal on the table first thing in the morning. It's delicious made ahead of time!Breakfast Quiche

Make the day before so you don’t have to get up early!





Perfect Hard Boiled EggsHard Boiled Eggs

A quick, healthy, easy snack.








7 Ways to FixHard Boiled Eggs7 Ways to Fix Hard Boiled Eggs

Mix up your hard boiled eggs so the kids don’t get tired of them. Grab the mayo recipe from my free resource library!





Easy Summer Recipes for the Family: Dessert


No popsicle molds required!





Summer just wouldn't be summer if it weren't for ice cream! Avoid unnecessary ingredients when you buy it from the store by making this healthy homemade ice cream recipe. Ice Cream

Healthy fats, healthy egg yolks. Happy family.





Movie nights call for some munchie snacks. Looking for something other than chips and salsa? Serve up healthy homemade caramel popcorn for your family! Caramel Popcorn

Three versions for this sweet treat!





Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe with fresh strawberries Fresh Strawberry Pie

Try this recipe that doesn’t require artificially colored Jello!




Easy Summer Recipes for the Family: Drinks

How to Make KombuchaKombucha

A bubbly drink to replace soda and provide probiotics.





It's delicous and full of probiotics. What is it? Kefir! This powerhouse drink can be pricey to buy so I'm going to show you how to make kefir at home. Kefir

Milk kefir is a wonderful source of probiotics.





Milk kefir is a simple, delicious health food. Full of probiotics, anyone will benefit from it. Discover how easy it is to incorporate kefir into your diet.11 Ways to Use Kefir

Easy ways to include kefir in your diet. 





How to Make SwitchelSwitchel

A refreshing summer drink to replace Gatorade.








So grab your ingredients and enjoy over 15 easy summer recipes for the family!

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Refresh your menu with these easy summer recipes for the family

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  1. awesome! Will definitely be trying some of these! Especially the hard-boiled eggs. I don’t really like them, but they’re a great way to add some protein to breakfast since hubby is usually grabbing it to-go and eat on the way to work.

    1. I agree! It is hard to fix foods I don’t like for my family! I branched out and bought some olives recently and my toddler loves them. Maybe they’ll grow on me?

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