Christmas Gift Guide that is Practical and Mostly Affordable

Christmas Gift Guide that is Practical and [Mostly] Affordable

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Christmas is just around the corner! 

With it comes the agony of figuring what to buy that certain someone. Inevitably you will end up getting them something similar to what you gave last year. 

I get it. 

It’s hard to be original and practical with gifts.

And how can you be practical without offending the recipient? It’s a fine line for sure! 

I’m all about practicality so its pretty hard to offend me. You’re giving me something?! For free?! Yes please!

So I put together a few things that I have (or would like to have) to give you some shopping ideas.

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Lindy’s Stainless Steel Bakeware – Stainless steel is my new love in the oven. It doesn’t break like glass. It is far more durable than aluminum and doesn’t leech nastiness into my food. And the best part is I can use a metal scratchy on it when l will inevitably burn something in it! 

Lately, for Christmas or my birthday I put a new Lindy’s item on my wish list. Let’s face it, this stuff is expensive. It’s going to last your lifetime but that doesn’t make the up-front investment easier. This 9×13 stainless steel cake pan with a lid is my latest acquisition and I love it! It bakes so evenly and the bottom doesn’t get so brown like in a glass pan. 

For stocking stuffers, consider this stainless steel unbreakable insulated mug

! It’s great for kids (and adults!) for hot chocolate and cookies. 

Stainless Steel Milk Jug – This is another Lindy’s item. It is the perfect gift for someone looking to make a lifestyle change and start getting raw milk. Like I share in this post, an unbreakable bucket with a handle and lid takes the headache out of getting and transporting raw milk. 

Magazine Subscription – There are those people on your shopping list who just haveOn the hunt for that perfect Christmas gift? Here are a few ideas from a practical and frugal gal. This gift guide is based off of what I own and what I have on my wish list yet! e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. But you know you would offend them if you didn’t get them anything. How about a magazine subscription for their favorite hobby! It is a gift that keeps giving all year! (And its acceptable to throw it away…) 

Kids too! There are so many great hobby and educational magazines out there for kids of all ages. Plus, what kid isn’t thrilled to get mail? And to give the kids something under the tree, wrap up the first issue for them.

Silk Long Underwear – I know, I know. Silk and long underwear are rarely used together let alone in the same sentence! Silk has incredible moisture wicking ability keeping you warm and dry longer. Plus, silk is so light weight you can wear it under normal clothes without feeling bulky. There are even long underwear options for men

Merino Wool Socks – These aren’t just any wool socks! Merino wool is known for keeping unpleasant foot odors at bay along with wicking and warming. Merino wool is much softer than regular wool so you don’t have to worry about itching. Check out the cute styles of wool socks available for women, too!

Calendar –  It sounds boring, right? Not if you make your own! Head on over to Shutterfly or your picture program of choice and create a personalized calendar. Include pictures of family, friends and favorite memories from the past year. Don’t forget to write in everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries.

Meal Subscription – After the busyness and stress of the holidays, mindless meals will be a welcome thought for the cook of the house. Why not make it even easier by eliminating grocery shopping as well? With a meal subscription for a month or two you can do both!

Depending on what company you order from, the food comes in various stages of preparedness. Either way, there are complete instructions provided and all the ingredients for preparing each meal.  

What a great, healthy way to begin a new year!

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Books – Books have gotten lost in the ease and entertainment of the screen. In spite of technological advances, I will argue that nothing can replace a book.

If you don’t know what a person is interested in reading, pick one of your favorites to gift. Personalize it with a note on the inside page sharing what the book means to you. Follow up with a casual discussion of the book at your next meeting. 

One of my favorite picture books is Corduroy: a stuffed bear in a department store wishes for someone to belong to. My favorite easy chapter book is Caddie Woodlawn: a true story of a pioneer girl living in Wisconsin. As an adult, my favorite book has become Mrs. Mike: a true story of her life as a mounty man’s wife. 

No matter what the age, books are timeless. Check out my list of great books to read aloud as a family!

If nothing on this list strikes your fancy, check out my favorite products for more ideas!

Hopefully this Christmas gift guide gives you a few ideas for those on your shopping list. Or at least it can get your creative juices flowing!

Happy shopping!

What is your favorite practical gift to give…or receive?

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