With a bowl of fresh homemade ice cream you will need to finish it off with the best ice cream toppings. I share 11 ideas to make your dish a masterpiece.

Best Ice Cream Toppings

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With your overflowing bowl of healthy homemade ice cream in hand, you might be needing a few toppings. Lucky for you I’ll share my favorite (unhealthy with a few healthy ingredients) and best ice cream toppings!

If you are like me, your ice cream has to fit your day. How can you manage this if you have one container of one flavor of ice cream?!

When I make ice cream I usually just make vanilla. This way each person can flavor and top their own ice cream to their contentment.  

Best Ice Cream Toppings: Ready to Go

  1. Maple Syrup – We always have maple syrup in the fridge so it is always getting10 Ways to Use Maple Syrup Instead of Sugar
    used. As an ice cream topping is just one of many yummy uses!
  2. Peanut Butter – Peanut butter is one of those things that complements just about anything: jelly, pancakes, bananas, carrots, waffles, steak. Ok, maybe not steak! But most definitely it complements ice cream. Add a dollop and stir it in or leave it on top. Put it all in a blender and make a peanut butter shake! 
  3. Honey – Honey would go marvelously with your dollop of peanut butter! Or just drizzle a bit over your ice cream. Better yet, substitute the maple syrup in my recipe for honey
  4. Chocolate Chips – Every so often my husband will sprinkle chocolate chips over his ice cream. Make sure to keep the mini ones in stock though because the regular sized chips can be difficult to chew when the freeze on the ice cream. 
  5. NutsWalnuts, pecans and cashews add a little crunch, salt and healthy to your bowl of ice cream. 

Best Ice Cream Toppings: To Make

  1. Whipped Cream – I always have a carton or two of heavy whipping cream in my fridge. It’s so easy to pour a bit in a bowl with a lid, add some powdered sugar (or don’t) and beat with a mixer until it’s stiff. Any leftover whipped cream you can put the lid on and it will stay stiff in the fridge for use another time. 
  2. Chocolate Syrup – I have settled on this chocolate syrup recipe from DIY Natural. I With a bowl of fresh homemade ice cream you will need to finish it off with the best ice cream toppings. I share 11 ideas to make your dish a masterpiece.have tried others that have cream or butter in them and they get moldy before I get them used up. This chocolate syrup recipe has never molded on me and it tastes great!
  3. Caramel Syrup – Oh. My. Goodness. I could eat the whole pan of Pioneer Woman’s caramel sauce recipe! It is soooo delicious and not overly sweet. This is both my husband and I’s favorite topping. 
  4. Peanut Butter Syrup – When we were kids we loved making peanut butter syrup. Now I’m lazy and just scoop it out of the jar. I’ve since lost that favorite recipe. Laura at Real Mom Kitchen has a delicious peanut butter syrup recipe
  5. Any other syrup – I know people love to make syrups out of berries and cherries. I’m just too lazy so I eat the whole fruit. 

Best Ice Cream Toppings: Fruit

Fruit stands alone. 

Cherries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, peaches and most any other fruit greatly enhance a bowl of ice cream. 

My favorite fruit is strawberries. Either fresh or thawed frozen sauce. I don’t always have homemade frozen strawberry sauce so I don’t hesitate to buy them. It has two ingredients: strawberries and sugar. No weird ingredients to contend with. 

And the best ice cream topping yet is a banana split! These are the best because they make combining all these toppings in one piggish dish socially acceptable…

Now that your mouth is watering for a dish of ice cream you better go pile it high with the best ice cream toppings!

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