Even before I was expecting, I knew that I didn't want a giant, fluffy, hard-to-clean high chair. I knew I wanted the best high chair for small spaces.

Best High Chair for Small Spaces

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Even before I was expecting our child, I was scoping out baby accessories that met my approval. One of these was a high chair. I had done enough babysitting to know that I didn’t want a giant, fluffy, hard-to-clean La-Z-Boy recliner for a high chair. I knew I wanted the best high chair for small spaces.

And then one day I fell in love. 

I was at my friend’s house visiting with her as she cleaned up from lunch. She cleaned down the high chair, washed the tray and then in one swift movement folded up the high chair and stashed it away beside her fridge. 

I was impressed!

No clunky tray. No bajillion levers and buttons to push to fold up. And the sleekness of its folded size sold me. I knew this high chair was going on my baby registry when the time came. 

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Best High Chair for Small Spaces

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair


Best High Chair for Small Spaces: Pros

1. Easy to Fold

There are two plastic hooks for your fingers on either side of the high chair frame. All you have to do is step one foot on the leg bar, pull up on the hooks and everything folds forward in one swift motion. 

It clicks into place once it is closed so that you can carry, store and transport it without it falling open.

I take this chair with me to family get-togethers, church and other big gatherings because it is just that easy to transport!

The best high chair for small spaces is easy to fold up with the pull of only two levers.

2. Easy to Store

This high chair is so sleek in its folded position! I can store it between the wall and my china hutch, under a bed or in a closet. 

If I am going to a friend’s house for lunch, I always throw in my son’s high chair because it is that easy and compact. Then I don’t have to hassle with feeding him from my lap. Or I can easily give him activities to work on while sitting in the high chair. The best high chair for small spaces stores easily under counters, under beds or in closets. The best high chair for small spaces folds up to only 8 inches wide and 25 1/2 inches tall.

3. Easy to Clean

The seat and back part of this high chair are light fabric and easy to wipe down. Nothing fuzzy. Nothing stuffed. No padding. Just quick drying fabric. 

Overall, the simple design of the legs and tray make it super easy to see the dirt and wipe it down. 

4. Small Tray

The removable tray is small enough to be easily washed in my kitchen sink. No, it doesn’t fit all the way into the sink, but it’s easy to wash end for end. 

Having an easily removable tray was one my high chair must-haves because I like washing the tray like dishes. Sure, you can get it clean wiping it down with a rag. I just prefer the hot soapy water and a good rinse at least once a day. Even before I was expecting, I knew that I didn't want a giant, fluffy, hard-to-clean high chair. I knew I wanted the best high chair for small spaces.

5. Legs Don’t Stick Out Too Far

Yes, the legs stick out a little bit, but compared to other high chairs I’ve spent my life tripping over, this leg design is great. 

6. Permanent Lap Bar

My mother-in-law’s high chair is one monster of a piece of furniture. But the thing I hate about that high chair the most is that when you remove the tray, there is nothing to hold the child in! The leg divider is attached to the tray. 

[P.S. My mother-in-law has since fallen in love with this high chair and replaced her huge clunky one with this Cosco one from Amazon!]

Yes, I know, if I were a good parent I would buckle my child into his high chair every time. But that’s not always my reality. 

With this Cosco high chair for small spaces, my son can spill his milk or need a quick cleanup and I can remove the tray easily without worrying about him slipping out. The lap bar and leg divider stay in place. I can dump the mess in the sink and slide the tray back in place in no time. Without him sliding out. The best high chair for small spaces has a permanent lap bar and leg divider so my child doesn't slide out if I forget to buckle him in.

7. Fun Patterns

I love the selection of patterns for this high chair! I went with a gender neutral pattern because I din’t know the gender of my child before birth. But there are some adorable girl chairs. And even camo!

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Best High Chair for Small Spaces: Cons
1. Feels Flimsy

This high chair is very light-weight. The seat and back are fabric and the tray is plastic. Only the frame is metal. 

It gives a little if you grab the side bar to pull the chair closer while the child is in it. 

For the few short months each child is in a high chair, this will last me for all my children. 

2. Notches Hard to Clean

On the sides of the bars that support and lock in the tray, the tiny holes get food and gunk caked in and are difficult to clean.

If I’m super determined to clean them, I just use a toothpick. But mostly I don’t worry about them! 

The best high chair for small spaces has notches under the tray that are hard to keep clean.

3. Not Comfortable

My child doesn’t spend tons of time in the high chair so I don’t need a La-Z-Boy. This high chair seat is flat, not curved and has no padding. 

4. Difficult to Remove the Fabric

If I needed to do a super deep washing of the fabric making up the seat and back, I would take it outside. I’d wet it with the garden hose, rub in some soap and rinse it with the garden hose. Let it dry in the sun and call it good. 

But if you want to wash the fabric part in the washing machine, it is difficult to remove. There are a few Velcro and elastic attachments that are easy to take off. But there are also a few screws you need to take out before the fabric comes off. The manufacturer states it is not intended to be removed but there are a lot of comments from people who do remove it.  

If you choose to remove the fabric, I would recommend taking step-by-step pictures so you know how to reassemble it. Or have your husband do it! Even before I was expecting, I knew that I didn't want a giant, fluffy, hard-to-clean high chair. I knew I wanted the best high chair for small spaces.

5. Bar at Head Height

When my child throws a fit, he often flings back his head. The first few times he threw a fit in his high chair he conked his head on the metal bar frame of the back rest. No more. He’s learned it hurts to throw his head in the high chair!

Best High Chair for Small Spaces: Price

The price tag of this high chair definitely swayed my purchase. 

Some other minimalist high chairs were two or three times the amount of this high chair! Because my child would use a high chair for such a short time and it would spend the rest of the time in storage, I didn’t want it to be a huge investment. 

I know, you get what you pay for. But at this rate, my high chair could easily last through several more children. 

Even if I have to replace it throughout my childrearing years, purchasing another Cosco one is more affordable than other compact Cadillac high chairs.  


Best High Chair for Small Spaces

Whether you are pregnant with your first or 10th, I’d highly recommend looking into this Cosco Simple Fold High Chair! 

I love the compact size of it  – set up and folded. The price is affordable. The designs to choose from are adorable. And it is super easy to fold. 

Did I mention how easy it is to fold? And store? And fold? 

If you are in the market for the best high chair for small spaces, grab yourself this one!

Do you have another high chair for small spaces suggestion? Drop it in the comments below!

Are you a minimalist looking for the best high chair for small space? Check out this compact high chair I use and love.

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