Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for the Homemaker

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for the Homemaker

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It’s Christmas in July! Or Black Friday in July. Take advantage of the best Amazon Prime Day deals for the homemaker on July 15th and 16th, 2019! Of course, there’s no way of knowing what will actually be on sale, but here is a list of a few things you may want to keep an eye on for great sales. 

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Be a Prime member – In order to take advantage of any Prime Day deals, make sure you are a Prime member! Do you qualify for Prime discounted monthly offering? If you qualify, try Amazon Prime 30-Day free trial and put a reminder in your phone to cancel before they charge your card. Or just cancel a regular subscription after one month. 



Or go in on a Prime subscription with your friend! Just change the address for who the item is getting shipped to. 

Download the App – So you don’t have to sit in front of your computer all day. The app can send you notifications on updates and allows easy ordering.

Notifications – Make sure you are getting notifications from the Amazon app to let you know about Lightening and Golden Deals.

Early Deals – I have no clue how many early deals are already out there. But this Instant Pot is one of them!

Check other Retailers  – Other stores like Best Buy and Wal Mart will be competing with Amazon on Monday and Tuesday. Be sure to check other websites for deals. Use Retail Me Knot app to get additional coupons!

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for the Homemaker to Keep an Eye On

Instant Pot – This 6 quart, 7-in-1 electric slow cooker is usually $70-90. It seems Amazon has put it on sale already so grab it! Otherwise wait and see if the price will drop more or if another retailer like Kohl’s will offer a comparable price. Chemex – Have you been wanting a plastic-free option for making coffee for a crowd? Get this large pour-over coffee maker and filters. 


Plastic-Free Water Bottle 

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook 

Ice Cream Maker – Make your own delicious treats this summer with my homemade ice cream recipeWheat Grinder – This Mockmill grain grinder will be a steal at any kind of sale price so keep an eye on it on Amazon Prime Day. Food Processor – I use my food processor all the time for making salads, laundry soap, sauerkraut and more. If a food processor is too bulky, try a Ninja or Bullet!Little House Series – My husband and I have been waiting to collect the whole Little House series so we can read it to our child. These would be the best Amazon Prime Day deals for the homemaker!Probiotics – Don’t forget your supplements! Just Thrive may offer deals directly from their website, as well. Fermenting Weights – These aren’t essential, but they sure make fermenting a lot easier. I’m going to keep my eye on deals for these to make my sauerkraut making go smoother. Kombucha Bottles – For the second ferment in my Kombucha recipe, these bottles would come in so handy, especially with the rubber sealing pop-top. Bone Broth – It’s easy to make, but so much easier to buy!Celtic Sea Salt 

Gelatin – I add dissolved gelatin to everything I can for an extra boost of amino acids. Build beautiful skin, bones and gut with this essential food. 

Make sure you are a Prime member and keep your eye out for the best Amazon Prime Day deals for the homemaker on Monday and Tuesday!

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Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for the Homemaker

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