I've compiled a list of many of my homemaking articles in one place. This resource guide for basic homemaking skills covers encouragement, skills and hacks.

Basic Homemaking Skills Resource Guide

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For your convenience I’ve compiled a list of many of my homemaking articles in one place. This resource guide for basic homemaking skills covers encouragement, skills and hacks.

Homemaker Encouragement

Honoring Your Husband with Your Homemaking

Are you married? I’ve been married for 6 years and am still learning the ways I can honor my husband. Here are a few ways to honor your husband and 7 ways I welcome my husband home after a day of work.

Why Homemaking Is Not a Job

Hint: It’s a way of life. I share this article because homemaking is not valued much in our culture. I even catch myself putting a “just” in front of homemaker when people ask me what I do. Being a homemaker pretty much makes you Superwoman.

Why Homemaking Is Important

Homemaking is an honorable career path. Choosing to stay home with your children allows them to learn from you and watch you work and see how you handle life. Don’t brush off this beautiful gift.

What I Learned from My Grandmother About Homemaking

I shared this article a few months after my last grandparent – my grandmother – passed away. Even though I lived 10 hours away from her, I still learned a lot about life from watching her live.

Why Homemaking Is an Art

When I view homemaking as an art rather than a chore, my mindset shifts to enjoy it more and put my heart into it. Your homemaking is an art, too. You personalize your home, your food and the atmosphere around you to reflect you.

The One Thing that Will Make You the Best Homemaker

This one thing is simple, but so hard to master!

How to Be a Joyful Homemaker

Being a joyful homemaker piggybacks off of the one thing that will make you the best homemaker from above.

5 Reasons You are Failing as a Homemaker

Okay, so this may not sound like the most encouraging article to read, but hear me out. Take a good look at ways you can improve in these five areas.

You Are a Capable Homemaker

No matter what your background is, you are a capable homemaker. As long as you keep learning, growing and teaching you are the best you. Your home is unique because of you. Your family is unique because of you. Be confident in you.

4 Habits to Make You a Better Homemaker

We’ve all got room for improving our homemaking game. My four tips may seem obscure and not related to homemaking, but they really help me.

I've compiled a list of many of my homemaking articles in one place. This resource guide for basic homemaking skills covers encouragement, skills and hacks.

Homemaking Skills

Homemaking Hacks for the Lazy Housewife

Here I share 9 tips for making your homemaking job easier. Now if you like a job properly done and enjoy rules, then this article isn’t for you. Just me being real with a few little things I do to free up time in my day.

Homemaking Skills for the Modern Housewife

Maybe you’re not interested in sewing your own clothes or cutting up a chicken. Use this list to grow a few homemaking skills that practically serve your family.

Homemaking Skills For the New Homemaker

If you are just starting out on your own or as a new wife, check out these five homemaking skills that you need to know.

Homemaking Skills for the Frugal Housewife

If you are a full-time homemaker then you should be interested in how you can save a few bucks here and there. Since I don’t provide actual income in the sense of money, I use my homemaking skills to save money.

Homemaking Skills that Will Free Up Your Summer

Implement some of these homemaking skills to enjoy the summer months more. Get your kids involved and have them help, too!

Daily Homemaking Tasks

Enjoy this simple article for how to plan your day. Use lists, plan ahead. Grab your free homemaking checklist there, too!

5 Homemaking Skills Your Son Should Know Before Leaving Home

Want to serve your future daughter-in-law? Teach your son some basic homemaking skills! Growing up, there was no job that was girl’s or boy’s. My brothers learned to bake and wash dishes just like I learned to bale hay and bed cows. Most importantly, teach them a strong work ethic.

Saving Money

Cheap Meal Planning in Reverse

Any type of meal planning will usually be cheaper than eating out and take out. But doing it in reverse will save you even more money. Learn how!

Frugal Kitchen Habits to Help Your Budget

Frugal isn’t a popular word these days. Make it into a game how much money you can save in the kitchen and it will become a more fun word. And I may step on your toes with my “re-use before recycle” view.

Cheap Organization Hacks for Homemakers

I’m all for having an organized home. But the Pinterest versions of organization have me only seeing dollars flying out of my pocket! Here I share a few affordable ways I organize.

Easy Ways to Save Money at Home

So you may not be bringing in a monetary income for your family but you can still help with the finances. By spending wisely you can make your husband’s income stretch further.

11 Free or Cheap Homemaking Books on Kindle

If you don’t have an example of homemaking to learn from, perhaps you can develop your skill from books. Check out some of these books on Kindle.

Productivity & How To

As a stay-at-home mom it’s easy for me to get sidetracked, lazy or just plain unmotivated. Procrastination is my gift and I must conquer it daily. This article is mostly for me, but hopefully you can be encouraged by a few ideas.

13 Action Steps for When You Are Unmotivated

Weren’t we just talking about productivity? 😉 I especially struggle with this during the long winters here in Wisconsin. Here are a few practical steps I take to get me sluggish body going.

How to Keep Your Laundry from Smelling Like Vomit

My toddler is a gagger and puker. Even though I only have one kid, I’ve done loads and loads of nasty laundry. In this article I share my tips for getting the puke stink out of laundry.

How to Reuse Leftover Food

We eat lots of leftovers in our house. If you are just incorporating this money saving habit into your life, learn a few of my tips for making it easier.

How to Hang Clothes on a Clothesline

This is my outdoor therapy for three seasons of the year. Not only does hanging out your clothes save money, it forces you to get out in the sunshine and breathe.

Baking Tips and Techniques

If baking is something you enjoy, here are a few of my baking tips broken down into categories such as ‘cookies’ and ‘muffins.’

Cooking for the Freezer: How to Make and Bake Ahead

It’s amazing how many foods freeze beautifully without any extra work. If you have a hectic life, lots of kids or work outside the home, discover all the ways you can have homemade, healthy food ready to pull out of the freezer in a pinch.

3 Simple Steps to Get Kids Helping in the Kitchen

No matter what age your children are – get them helping in the kitchen! They will thank you later when they are living on their own or their wife is sick and can’t cook.

To help your homemaking productivity, try Crystal’s 5 Days to a Better Morning Challenge!

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