About Janae

My story

I’m just a common girl in a common world….errrr….I’m a common girl living a life only 2% of Americans are privileged enough to live. That’s right! I’m a farmer! Actually, a dairy farmer’s wife.

I grew up on a dairy farm also, and it just so happened that the man of my dreams has a dairy farm.

This rural, farming background has made it easier and more culturally acceptable for me to be a stay at home wife and mother. But not everyone has this head start.

My desire is to encourage others to follow their heart’s desire to be stay at home wives and mothers, as well.

There is no greater job, career or calling than raising your own children and being there to support your husband.

By providing a stable, nourishing, loving home, you can literally change the world.

Women are designed to be nurturers. Let’s quit squelching that desire and understand the true power of a traditional homemaker.

What can I do for you?

I’m here to encourage you on your homemaking journey!

Many women in my generation don’t feel legitimized in staying home and raising a family. The cultural pressure to go out and “make a difference” and “chase your dreams” doesn’t include homemaking.

I argue it should include raising a family and caring for your husband.

Part of creating a loving and safe home includes providing nourishing foods to help your family function optimally. I love sharing traditional foods and practical skills to aid you in your homemaking journey.

Let me help you on your homemaking journey.