About Me

I’m Janae!

I’m just a common girl in a common world….errrr….I’m a common girl living a life only 2% of Americans are privileged enough to live. That’s right! I’m a farmer! Actually, a

My husband caught me snoozing in the tractor. I’m just not a morning person…

dairy farmer…actually, a dairy farmer’s wife.


I grew up on a dairy farm and the man of my dreams just so happens to have a dairy farm also!

I love the slow life. Every day is a new adventure whether it is trying to get three new calves to drink, loose cows, manure splatters down the road, tractors stuck in the mud, or supper in the chopper – no two days are alike. [Related Post: Why Homemaking Is Important]

Why a blog?

Growing up on a farm always meant we ate our own food and were generally healthy. However, one fateful day my mother was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. Specialists had all kinds of suggestions for her but the drugs’ side-affects were more damaging than her disease to the kidneys!

After months of trying everything suggested to her, she came across the Weston A. Price Foundation. Through the foundation’s helpful information and resources, we were able to implement a more healthy lifestyle that just so happened to look a lot like grandma’s and great-grandma’s and great-great-grandma’s. You get the point! Some traditions are worth hanging on to and learning from.

Our Harry Potter cow

By writing about these things doesn’t in any way mean I am a professional or perfect. I have a budget. I have a family. I have work. I have a sweet tooth and enjoy eating what others prepare. I have my sanity and I’d like to keep it that way!

I have a passion for spreading the word that you can live nourished in a balanced way. Just like grandma did.

Through my writings I hope to inspire you to embrace some of those traditions you may have pushed aside or never even learned about all for the sake of modern advances.

Let’s enjoy this way life before it was “hip” to be healthy.

Let’s get started!

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