7 Better Living Blogs I Enjoy Reading

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When I got steady access to internet 2 1/2 years ago (I know, dark ages…I won’t tell you how long it took me to start texting) my world got a whole lot bigger! If ran out of a particular ingredient: Googled it. I discovered this weird weed growing in my lawn: Googled it. My tomatoes didn’t look quite right: Googled it. I asked my husband a question he didn’t know: “Why don’t you Google it?”

I also discovered the world of blogs. Thankfully it was winter when I discovered my favorites and I was able to read to my heart’s content. Since starting my own blog I have scaled way back on reading others’ blogs only because I want my content to be fresh and original.  

Since I have enjoyed these blogs so much and learned greatly from them, I thought I should share them with you!

7 Better Living Blogs I enjoy reading. These blogs will encourage, challenge and educate you! traditionalhomemaker.com Better Living Blogs I Enjoy Reading

  1. Wellness Mama – This was the first blog I stumbled upon that fateful day that my addiction began. Katie does a fantastic job of researching and writing about matters I would never think of. Her easy to read style and authenticity sucked me in. I don’t eat gluten or dairy free, but I still use her recipes regularly.  My favorite is her great variety of recipes for personal care and cleaning. And I may or may not have read her entire Motherhood collection all in one sitting.
  2. The Healthy Home Economist – I don’t recall how I discovered this blog. Maybe it was the name that intrigued me? Once when someone asked if I had a job I said, “I’m just a housewife.” Indignant at my answer, this person responded with, “Don’t you realize the importance of that job? You are a home economist because you are cooking, baking, shopping around, and growing a garden all to wisely use your husband’s earnings?!” Indeed I had never thought of it that way! Refreshed by my new job title, I proudly took my role and skills more seriously. Sarah’s articles are blunt and to the point. Though I don’t agree with every angle she takes, she definitely challenges my stance and keeps me on my toes. One thing I especially enjoy about Sarah’s blog is her Activism category containing reviews of current events we don’t hear about in mainstream news. Oh, and her video on how to take liquid cod liver oil – priceless!  
  3. Caroline Vencil – I came across Caroline’s budgeting blog on Pinterest. One of her articles piqued my interest and I was hooked. Of course, her previous name of Cow Country Housewife sucked me in because I kinda depend on cows. A lot. Every day. And I like them. I mean, who else moves back to their hometown and decides to quit their day job to milk cows?! Mooving on, I can really relate to Caroline’s practical approach to budgeting and frugality. She’s been in that same tight spot that I have. Some budgeting blogs I come across tell me to cut out Starbucks. Really? The nearest coffee shop is McDonald’s 12 miles away. And I barely even go there. Here is just one example of her original, easy to implement list of strategies. 
  4. An Oregon Cottage –  Jami just seems like the most genuine gal. Her picture tour of her entire house and gardens is inspiring and inviting. I relate to her because she takes a balanced approach to food. Her recipes are wholesome and practical. Nothing extreme, just living life simply. Her vulnerability through her practical weight loss story is also inspiring. No fads. Just food. Overall, my favorite section has got to be her slow cooker recipes
  5. Natural Birth and Baby Care – I plan to have a family soon so I have gotten a head start on learning everything I can about the birthing process and what it looks like to buck conventional hospital traditions. After all, I myself was born in a van alongside the road. Not on purpose though. Kristen is like the super mom of moms! She is pregnant with her 8th child and has had all uncomplicated, home births. I love her advice and straight forward approach to empowering women to allow their bodies to do what they were created to do! Her podcasts are especially convenient for those days I don’t have time to sit down and read. Kristen definitely puts the responsibility of a healthy birth and pregnancy on the mother rather than the doctor. 
  6. Mama Natural –  Genevieve is certainly more crunchy than I am…maybe… but her passion is unmistakable. I especially get a kick out of her videos and YouTube channel. I’ve recently read her week-by-week pregnancy book and love that, too! Everything you need to know about natural living with a good dose of humor! 
  7. Mother Rising Birth– When I hit the internet to learn about pregnancy and birth, the first result to pop up was What to Expect. I’m not saying that site has nothing good to offer. I just prefer uncanned, practical pregnancy and birthing advice. Lindsey does a great job of addressing real problems and providing real solutions. Even though it is a pregnancy and birthing blog her recipes are a great addition and answer to common pregnancy and birth problems posed.   

Let me know what your favorite better living blog is to read! 

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