How to Feed Liver to Your Family

I know, its not a very popular (nor palatable for some) food. My husband and I enjoy pan fried liver baked in onions and gravy for dinner now and then. People wrinkle their noses in disgust, raise their eyebrows in surprise and question, “Do you really like liver?” Yep, I’m proud to say I do! (Even my super-picky-eater husband likes it…after he picks off the onions…)

Growing up on a farm, we butchered our own cows and ate most every part we could. Pickled cow tongue sandwiches and fried cow brains were the favorites but only provided enough for one meal from each for our family of six. A cow liver provided three or four meals so we could enjoy liver and onions more often

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How to Make Lard: A Shelf-Stable, Nourishing Fat

In my experiences, lard has a negative connotation.

Butter, not so much. I talk about my love for butter or that it is the secret to a really good recipe and people smile and nod their heads and take another bite.

Lard, on the other hand, evokes looks of disgust that I forever cherish in my mind while I am happily measuring it into another recipe. Church ladies rave over the flakiness of my pie crust. I smile and say thank you. Then the cute little proper ladies ask what is in it. I smile sweetly and say, “Butter…and lard.” And then I smile at them long enough to watch them have to choke back the urge to spit out their bite of pie. (Ok, I’ll admit I have a twisted idea of “fun.”)

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8 Ways to Identify Nutritious Food

So you’ve just gotten done reading the umpteenth article about all the horrible food additives out there. Words that you can’t even spell let alone pronounce are lurking in every grocery isle! Overwhelmed and frustrated, you just decide to eat fruits and vegetables for the rest of your doomed life, right?

Take hope, my friend! Below (in no particular order) are a few simple guidelines to identify foods you wouldn’t be afraid to feed your children:

1. Shop the outside isle of the grocery store. I know this advice is borderline cliche, but it really is helpful when you are trying to nourish your family. These foods are (supposedly) the freshest and actually have a short shelf-life.

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