New? Begin Here

Welcome to Traditional Homemaker! 

Are you ready to be challenged?!

With Traditional Homemaker my goal is to help you make small changes in your diet and lifestyle that will result in huge changes for you and and your future generations.

I hope to encourage you to take the path less traveled by listening to our ancestors rather than popular fad and money-driven science. 

Together we can filter through the noise of our day and find a balance of traditional living and modern science by researching outside the box and listening to our bodies.

By providing practical food and lifestyle advice from my own experiences and those I trust I hope to encourage you on to make healthier choices for you and your family. 

Change is difficult and it doesn’t all happen at once. But baby steps can eventually get us where we want to be. 

My articles can be overwhelming and in depth so here are a few points to begin with:

1. Eat only what comes from (or was fueled by) a plant. Avoid what was concocted in a plant. 

2. If it didn’t exist 150 years ago, then it probably isn’t food.

3. Eat butter. 

4. Eat the whole egg.

5. Drink raw milk. 

6. Don’t stress about food.

7. Make lifestyle changes one at a time. 

Numbers six and seven are just as much a reminder for me as for you. Life is short. I’m going to enjoy food and life and much as I can. 

My diet isn’t perfect nor do I try to make it perfect. I make allowances for myself that leave no room for guilt. I aim for the 80/20 goal. Eighty percent of the time I eat a traditional diet to my best ability and resources; 20 percent of the time I just eat. Ha! 

When you are feeling like a little background and history lesson, please head on over to my Why Traditional Homemaker? page and find out more about the guidelines I use for my health. 

Or go here to find out more about my personal story!  

Remember, one day at a time, one change at a time.