Christmas Gifting Outside the Box
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If you are reading this post, you have access to the internet. You have access to some sort of computer device. You can read. So you probably live in a developed country. 

Being so materially blessed is wonderful. 

But it does make Christmas shopping challenging. 

How do you give meaningful gifts? Gifts that won’t add clutter to the recipient’s life? Gifts that won’t be forgotten and wasted? 

Growing up, gifts from my parents were things like mittens, underwear and socks. Things I needed. But they were new and not hand-me-downs so I was thrilled with these kinds of gifts! My “for fun” gifts were things like books and board games. 

If those in your life aren’t as in need of underwear and socks as I was, or they have all the books and board games they desire, consider gifting outside the box. 


Give the gift of experiences.

Give the gift of time.

Below are a few ideas for you to gift this Christmas.

Family vacation

Zoo passes

Snowshoeing Day (or any other outdoor sport)

Water Park passes

Family camping 

Tickets to a sporting event

Museum passes

Cook a fancy meal for them

Make a coupon booklet – Things you might include: game night, back rub, movie night, bake cookies, go ice skating, cook a meal, spa day, mani/pedi day, go get ice cream, etc. 

Music Lessons

Tickets to a play, concert or show

If you have little ones in the house who won’t understand waiting for their gift, make sure to keep your stocking tradition. 

As usual, put a few little items in the stockings so they have something immediate to enjoy on Christmas morning. 

If you would still prefer to have gifts under the tree, consider giving gifts that relate to the out-of-box gift. For example: give a swimsuit with the water park pass, give an instrument with the music lessons and so on. 


Giving Outward at Christmas

So for whatever reason you aren’t resonating with any of the ideas above. How about giving your time and experiences outward then? 

Most people won’t turn down a random act of kindness.

Below are a few ways to consider giving your time at Christmas.

Visit a nursing home. You can visit, sing, read or play games with them. 

Serve at a soup kitchen or other community service. 

Give money or time to a charity or mission organization. 

Make cookies and hand them out to your neighbors. 

Clean for someone. 

Visit a shut-in.

Offer babysitting services. 

As you can see, there are limitless opportunities to give time and experiences. 

The best part is that the memories made during these times will stay with you forever. 

So this Christmas, don’t be afraid to think and gift outside the box.

Consider different ways that you may give time and experiences at Christmas and all year long. 

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