Prenatal Practices

Making a baby seems easy-peasy, right? The birds and the bees have long flown over and procreation is on your mind. It’s on my mind anyways!

Procreating and child rearing is the most important job for a woman, but sadly, is rarely viewed as such. When you are pregnant you have some control how your baby develops by what you eat, how you sleep and how you manage stress. These three areas must be considered long before you conceive even.

[Please don’t tune me out if you are already pregnant or already have your children, there is still much to learn. Its never too late to be nourished!]

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Easter Breakfast Bake

It’s the day after your Easter celebration.

You have dyed hard boiled eggs coming out your ears. Leftover ham is crammed in every corner of the fridge and you still have family in town from yesterday’s gathering who all need to be fed again today. 

Enter Easter Breakfast Bake. 

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7 Better Living Blogs I Enjoy Reading

When I got steady access to internet 2 1/2 years ago (I know, dark ages…I won’t tell you how long it took me to start texting) my world got a whole lot bigger! I ran out of a particular ingredient: Googled it. I discovered this weird weed growing in my lawn: Googled it. My tomatoes didn’t look quite right: Googled it. I asked my husband a question he didn’t know: “Why don’t you Google it?”

I also discovered the world of blogs.

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Healthy Easter Candy Alternatives

Easter is just around the corner and you may already be dreading the sugar-high hyper activity and sugar-crash crankiness that comes with the usual Easter traditions. If you cut out the basket and egg hunt your children and nieces and nephews will be devastated. 

Keep everyone happy (and healthy) by incorporating a few healthy

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